Availabilities are based on information that suppliers provide, based on the average time it previously took them to fulfill orders.

While they update the information frequently, items may take extra time when orders are actually processed. Items may also prove to be unobtainable even though it's still shown to be available.

In case items delay or prove to be unobtainable, we update customers automatically by email providing an updated estimate of time. Please also note that since the procedure is automated, the reason for delay isn't provided.

Items Past Release Dates


The approximate span of time it takes to ship out the item is shown.

In Stock

This means that the product is in stock and we are usually able to ship it in 1-2 days (excepted during the week-end and National Holidays).

Pre-release Items

The approximate span of time it takes to ship out the item is shown.

We are able to ship items on the release date if they are pre-ordered early.
However, it may take additional time if they are pre-ordered right before the release date, or if the supplier has received more pre-orders than they are able to fulfill on the release date.

Unavailable Products

An item is no longer available for orders if either of the followings is displayed.

Out of Print

The item is sold out already, and it is no longer in production. It won't become available again for orders.

Release Cancelled

The item is not going to be released anymore.

Release Postponed

The release date of the item has been postponed, and the new release date has not become available.

Currently Out of Stock

Suppliers may decide to manufacture more of the item, but no details has become available as to how long it may take before the item is back in production.