It depends on the availability of the item. Availability is indicated as the expected amount of time it will take the item to become available for shipment after it is ordered. This information is indicated on the product page, and it is supplied into our website directly from record companies and suppliers. It is based on the average length of time they needed to make items in similar status available for shipment in the past. Please note that shipping methods only affect delivery time after orders are shipped.

Pre-order Items

Usually ships by the release date

The item is expected to become available for shipment by the release date if it is pre-orderd while this indication is shown.

Usually ships in 1-4 days after it is released

It may take additional time if they are pre-ordered right before the release date, or if the supplier has received more pre-orders than they are able to fulfill on the release date. An approximate span of time is displayed in such cases. Record companies and suppliers need time to make arrangement to supply new releases. If any item is pre-ordered immediately before the release date, they will need a few extra days after the released date to supply it. Similarly, they need extra time if they have already received more pre-orders than they are able to fulfill right on the release date.

Collectibles, Figures & Books

Manufacturers are not necessarily able to control the actual amount of time needed to make products available. So, an approximate date such as March 2017 or June 2017 is shown as the release date. For such products a default length of time (normally 3-7 days for most manufacturers) is shown as availability, but the product will actually become available for shipment as soon as the manufacturer has finished the production. Similarly, an approximate date is shown as release dates for some books.

Items Past Release Dates

In Stock

The item is in our own inventory. After the item is ordered, it usually becomes available for shipment in 1-2 days.

In Stock at Supplier

We do not have the item in our own inventory, but the record company or supplier is indicating that they have the item in their inventory. It usually takes 2-4 days for the item to become available for shipment after it is ordered.

Usually ships in 3-7 days / 2-8 days / 4-14 days / 2-4 weeks

This is the default length of time it is expected for items to become available for shipment. Record companies and suppliers continue updating availability they feed into our website as long as they continue receiving orders from stores. However, if they are no longer receiving orders frequently, the information is no longer updated. In such a case, this default length of time is indicated. It is based on the average length of time they needed to fulfill orders in the past. It is a rough estimate. In some cases, items with this indication prove to be unobtainable.

To Be Confirmed: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

This status is specifically for Proxy Items.
After receiving your order, we go check with the shop if your Proxy Item can be purchased, as the status requires an update.
If the shop has the item in stock, we will send an email confirming that we purchased the product along with additional fees confirmed at that point such as the domestic shipping fees.
Once purchased, we can ship out your product within 1-2 weeks on average.
If the product is sold out, or does not match your request, we will send a cancellation email.

Items Not Available

When the red cart icon is not displayed, it means the item is not available so it can not be to added to your shopping cart.

Sold Out

The item is not available in our stock as well as at supplier stock.

Release Cancelled

The record company or publisher has canceled their plan to release the item.

Release Postponed

The release of the item has been postponed, and the new release date has not been confirmed.


In case record companies and suppliers are unable to supply any item soon after accepting an order, they supply an estimate of how long it will take to make the item available for shipment. Whenever any such update is supplied, our system automatically forwards the information to the customer by email. Please note that record companies and suppliers need at least 3-5 days in response to an actual order to supply an update.