This page shows meanings of First Press and External Bonus icons as well as important notes regarding to them.

First Press

First Press
The first press edition is available.

First Press Sold Out
The first press edition is no longer available, and its regular edition is applicable instead. *The bonus features of the first press edition might be still shown in the "Description," but will be crossed out.

External Bonus

External Bonus
If your order is processed while this button is still indicated, you will receive the external bonus.

No longer available
Whenever they are sold out, or the period is over, no additional editions are pressed/manufactured.

Important Notes

  • Even if the product status is "First Press Sold Out," the manufacturer might send us the first press edition if they have any leftovers.
  • Even if the first press edition is sold out, the external bonus can be available. *Check "External Bonus" icon.
  • First press editions are limited in quantity. Occasionally, they are sold out before the item has even been released.
  • While we try our best to keep it up to date, details of bonus extras are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Usually, all item details including the catalog number and the price remain the same after the first press edition is sold out.
  • We do not have access to exclusive bonus from other shops. Please try our proxy shopping service to get such bonus.

Payment by IPMO & Cash

Please note that if your payment method is either International Postal Money Order, or Cash Sent via Registered Mail, it is possible for the first press edition to be no longer available by the time your order is processed. This is because we start processing orders after we have received the payment.

If External Bonus Unnecessary

On "Shipping Address/Gift Options" page during your ordering process, check the box "Send my items in a plain envelope" on "Envelope Option." By doing so, external bonus will NOT be added to your order.