Thousand of figures, character goods, plastic kit/model, T-shirts, cosplay and toys are listed on CDJapan including limited and collector items only available in Japan. Many of them are on pre-order basis so please make your order as soon as possible!


Some products are produced in extremely small quantities, and they may prove to be unobtainable after the orders are processed, even if they were shown to be available. On the other hand, very few "Sold Out" items may become available for orders again, depending on supplier inventories and also if suppliers re-release them. We recommend you to make your order as soon as possible especially for Bandai Collectors.

Product Details & Release Dates

All details including images, specifications, prices are subject to change.
While manufacturers try to make products that are preordered available by the release dates, it often takes extra time to manufacture them. So, the release dates must be understood as estimates of approximate dates when the products are to become available.

We can not provide you the exact release day as manufacturer never provide such information.

Order Update

If any details change, we will update the information indicated on our website.
Also, if any preordered product does not become available within one week after the release date, we'll send you an email update to provide you with an estimate.

Product Delays

In case any item delays, we will continue with our efforts to fulfill the order as soon as possible after providing customers with an update. However, in the event it continues to delays for more than a month, the order will need be cancelled.

Quantity Restrictions

Also some products are extremely limited, only one copy of may be purchased by one customer. This measure allows other customers to have the opportunity to order it, too. If multiple accounts are created by one person to order more than one, we will cancel them. You also may risk to be in our black list if you do it again especially for limited figures.

Shipping Charge

Shipping charge may be adjusted when accurate information on the dimensions and weight of products become available.  Also, if the package is too large or heavy to be sent by Air Mail or SAL, the shipping method needs to be upgraded to EMS. In either case, we'll contact you for your approval before proceeding to send your order (Max Dimensions: Width + Weight + Depth = 900mm, Max Weight: 2kg).

Unexpected Cancellations

While CDJapan tries its best to fulfill all orders, suppliers may change the quantity of items that they can provide without prior notice. In such cases, the products will be sold to the customers on a first-come-first-served basis.

Prohibited Items

Since rechargeable batteries (lithium ion batteries) are prohibited to be sent by air, we do not carry any product that include them. To keep everyone safe, we do not list any figures or products intended for adults that may considered pornographic.

Official Stickers

CDJapan only sells official products that are brand new, exactly as they are made available in Japan by manufacturers including Bandai and Kotobukiya. Their products normally have official stickers on the outside of the box. However, we are aware that they ship out small percentage of their products without the sticker attached due to errors in their factories. Sometimes, we send orders unaware of the missing stickers, but we would like to reassure you that they are all supplied to CDJapan only from official suppliers. We do not source any products from any other sources. Please note that they are not necessarily made in Japan.

This is a Toei sticker that can be in yellow and black as well as in platinum (depend of product value) .

Proxy Shopping Service

CDJapan accept special requests for products not available on our site but available at other online shops in Japan. In this case, please use our Shopping Request Service.

We do not sell "prize" figures such as the ones released by Banpresto company.

Important announcement!

Fedex shipping method is not available. Airmail and SAL non-registered (without tracking) shipping method do not include any kind of insurance. Please read carefully the condition of each shipping method. Also Airmail and SAL (small packet) shipping method are not available for figure/good products over 7000 yens. In this case, please use EMS, Airmail registered or SAL registered shipping methods.


Outlet Products as well as some Limited Figures/Goods can NOT be cancelled, exchanged, or refunded!!! In this case, it is clearly written on the product description so please read it carefully!