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  • Make sure that your review is focused on your own thoughts about the item. Reviews of orders, deliveries, and other services by CDJapan are not eligible for points.
  • The length of your review is limited to 100-1200 letters, and length of the title is limited up to 40 letters.
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  • Time-sensitive information
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Important Notes

  • CDJapan reserves the right to remove any review at any time.
  • Review guidelines may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • Review can not be modified once it is done.

Pre-Release Comments

You can submit your comments on pre-release items. However, you won't be able to rate them.

To distinguish between reviews and pre-release comments, "Pre-Release Comment" will be displayed in place of the rating.

You can submit your reviews on items you've submitted your pre-release comments on, after the release dates.

When reading through what other customers have to say about the items you're interested in, please take note of the distinction between reviews and pre-release comments.