Unopened Items

You may return any unopened item in its original condition for reimbursement of the item price as long as you email us within 30 days from receiving the package.
The return postage is not refunded. Please note that partial refund is possible only in case the payment method is PayPal. In case of all other payment methods, partial refund is not possible, and your customer account will be credited with Rewards Points equivalent in value to the item price.

For Books, Magazines, Manga

We do not accept any returns for books, magazines, or any other printed matter. We will ship books and mangas exactly the way we received them from the publisher.

Note that publishers may stop wrapping the obi at at certain point and we do not know when this will happen. However a missing obi does not mean that the manga or book is defective and we will not be able to refund you for a missing obi.

For Video Games

We won't be able to process return if the game you purchased is not compatible with the console you own.
So, please make sure that the game you intend to order is compatible as detailed in these notes.

For Apparel

You may return unworn and unwashed apparels and other items available in Japanese Fashion Brands sections.

Items with tags removed, items that are worn, and single item sold as a part of a set cannot be returned.


In case there is a manufacturer's defect, we will send a replacement upon receiving the product back, if the product is still available.
If the item is no longer obtainable, we will process a full refund.

The return postage will be credited to your customer account in shopper points upon receiving the item back.

What to Do

Email our Returns Department in advance to receive an RMA number.
Refunds and replacements are not accepted if a product is returned to us without prior notice.
You must send out the product within a month from emailing us about the return.

Please provide us with a photo of the damage and also the box we used to send. If a CD is skipping let us know the exact time on the disc where you encounter the condition.

Also remember to register your package as we will not be able to process a refund if it is lost on the way to our office.