Shipping charge varies depending on the shipping method and also on the country where you're sending your order.

Calculate the shipping charge for any item or combination of items using the Shipping Charge Calculator in your Shopping Cart.


For one item

  1. Under Add to Cart button in product page, you can see Shipping Charge Calculator.
  2. Select your country under Shipping Charge Calculator and click on Calculate button.
  3. All shipping methods, prices, average delay will be displayed.

For several items

  1. In your shopping cart, select the country you'd like to send your order to and then click on the Calculate button.
  2. The shipping charges for all shipping methods that are available will appear.

You will also be able to view and compare shipping charges for all available shipping methods when you proceed to check out in the Shipping Methods step before you actually place your order.

Handling fees

We do not charge any handling fees for 99% of available products.

However to obtain some special items, a small amount of extra fee may be required. The fee will only cover the actual cost to facilitate the order.

Please check whether it applies to your purchase by using our shipping calculator. It would also appear during the checkout whenever it applies.