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All items you add to your shopping cart will be included in your order to be sent together in one package. If you prefer to have items sent separately, order them separately.
However, it may not be possible to send all items together, if they are too large. Our site will separate the items whenever it determines that it's not physically possible to send them together.

Also, if there is any future release that won't become available for longer than 60 days after the rest of your order becomes available, our site will separate them. The reason is, it's not practically possible for us to hold on to the item specifically for your order for so long.

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After you proceed to checkout, create your customer account if you are a new customer. A verification email will be sent to your email address after you enter your information. Proceed to select order options after your email address is verified.

If you are a returning customer, sign into your customer account to proceed Payment
The timing when your payment is finalized depends on the payment method you choose. In case of Credit Card, the payment is finalized after your order is shipped. In case of PayPal and Alipay, your payment is finalized when you place your order.

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