Presently, we have a wide range of books, magazines, comics/manga, light novels with bonus as DVD, mini figure etc.

All are published in Japan and written in Japanese. Sometimes there are very few exceptions and in this case, it will be mentioned.

Our books are brand new and may come with plastic wrap done by publishing company but usually they do not come with.

We are not authorized by publishing companies to take pictures of book contains even as sample.

Obi is not necessary included as it's a promotion paper used by publishing companies during a limited period.

Calendars may come flat or rolled. Those coming flat, we can not ship them through SAL or Airmail as size is over the 90cm limit.

To keep everyone safe, we do not list any books and publications that may considered pornographic or featuring teenage girls. Also we do not sell any kind of dojinshi book.

We have discontinued offering magazine subscription services.

If you can not find a book or magazine, please use our option tool "Show items no longer available" as it may be out of print. If magazines or books were not published yet and are displayed as "Sold Out", we may get additional copies after the official release date.

Exclusive book and bonus of publishing company websites such as Piabook or Kyoto Animation are not available but you can use our shopping request service.

If you are interested in any normal item not listed on CDJapan, we will be glad to help you in this matter. Click here to submit us a request (only for book/magazine).