1_item_order This icon is displayed for items that are known to be prohibited in specific countries, and it is not possible to send them to those countries. Before placing your order, please make sure that items you plan to order are lawful in the country where you plan to send your order to.

Whenever possible, we identify items that are prohibited in specific countries and prevent them to be exported to those countries as listed below.

Prohibited Items Countries
Imitation Katana Korea, United Kingdom
Some Food products United States of America

Even if they are not prohibited, there may be customs restrictions for some items. For example, green tea may have problems clearing customs inspection in some countries, including United States. Our website does not have any restrictions for these items. In case you have any problem receiving your order due to customs restrictions, please contact CDJapan Customer Support by email for cancellation.

For some Avex products, a restriction is applied by Avex and "Shipping within Japan" can be written.