Effective April 30, 2024, we have started offering lower shipping costs for FedEx Pak depending on eligible items, weight, and region due to its service expansion.

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About FedEx Pak

When your package is placed in FedEx Pak (530mm x 450mm × 64mm), you will receive the same services at a lower cost (delivery days and additional services) as when you use FedEx Priority.

  • In some cases, FedEx Priority may be cheaper than FedEx Pak, but we will automatically show the cheapest shipping method in Pak or Priority.
  • CDJapan will place the packed packages in FedEx Pak as much as possible to reduce the shipping costs.
  • When using FedEx Pak, products are placed in a standard solid shipping box with cushioning material first and then wrapped in FedEx Pak, so there is no need to worry about damage caused by the use of FedEx Pak.
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Conditions to Use FedEx Pak

FedEx Pak rates will be applied for packages with following conditions.

  • Total order amount*: Up to 50,000 yen
    (Changed from 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen**)
  • Packages up to 6.4cm thick and 2.2kg in weight
    (ex. LPs, apparel, small sundries, etc. can be packed, but figures, stuffed toys, tea cups, etc. will not fit.)

*Total order amount (total price of items + shipping charge + handling charge, etc.)

**This change allows FedEx Pak rates to be able to applied to bulk purchases of relatively small items such as CDs/books/game software in some regions (ex. East Asia, Southeast Asia, Parts of Europe, South America, Africa, etc.).

FedEx Pak rates will be calculated based on the actual weight only, while FedEx Priority rates will be calculated by the greater of actual weight or volume weight.

If FedEx Pak is less expensive than Priority, we will automatically show FedEx Pak rate as a shipping cost.

Examples of Products Available to Pack in FedEx Pak

Please note that this list is only an example, and may not be available in practice. When ordering, please make sure that the actual weight is applied to the shipping method you choose before placing your order (How to Check Shipping Charges).

Product Type/Category Limitation FedEx Pak
CD/DVD/Blu-ray/Game Software Within 18 pcs
LP (Vinyl) Within 5 pcs
Manga, Shinsho Within 12 pcs
Other Books Within 6 pcs
Figure / Doll / Plushie - X
Tea Cup / Mug / Tumbler - X
Tin Badge, Acrylic Stand, Book Cover, et al. Within 500g
Plastic Model - X
Apparel Within 500g
Calendar Within 200g

How to Check Shipping Charges

  • Use "Shipping Charge Calculator" located on the product page and the shopping cart page.
  • Select the country/region you wish to ship to.
  • Click on the "Calculate" button to see the shipping charges and applicable weight categories (actual weight or volume weight) for each shipping method.
  • You can also check the shipping costs on the shipping method selection page when placing your order.


1 LP to the U.S. - Actual Weight: 735g / Volume Weight: 2,200g
  • FedEx Priority: 4,552 yen (Volume Weight)
  • FedEx Pak: 4,091 yen (Actual Weight)
    *Shipping charges by actual weight is available after the change.


7 sets of transparent book covers (10 sheets each) to the GERMANY
- Actual Weight: 397g / Volume Weight:1,380g
  • FedEx Priority: 4,073 yen (Volume Weight)
  • FedEx Pak: 3,196 yen (Actual Weight)
    *Shipping charges by actual weight is available after the change.


10 CDs to Brazil - Actual Weight: 1,485g / Volume Weight: None
- Total order amount: 28,105 yen
  • FedEx Priority: 8,191 yen (Actual Weight)
  • FedEx Pak: 5,733 yen (Actual Weight)*

*As mentioned before, the maximum total order amount that can be used for FedEx Pak has been changed from 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen. Therefore, FedEx Pak rates now can be applied to this order that exceeds a total order amount of 10,000 yen.


EMS and Airmail are calculated by the actual weights only. Choose the shipping method that best fits your order.

If the number of items or the amount exceeds the regulation due to additions or other edits after the order is confirmed, the shipping fee will be recalculated.