Normally, all credit payments are finalized when orders are sent.

When you place your order, the issuer of your card grants us authorization to proceed with the transaction.

Once this is granted, they would reserve the amount for the purchase until the payment is processed upon shipment of the purchase.

The problem is, VISA, MasterCard and all other credit card companies strictly prohibit any payment processed more than 25 days after the card-issuing bank grants the store authorization to proceed with a transaction.

However, there exists a small number of items that become available for pre-orders months in advance before they actually become available for shipment.

In order to facilitate purchases of such items, it is necessary to process the payment prior to the 25-day deadline. To allow for modifications in case the payment does not go through, the payment will be processed approximately 25 days after you place your order, in case your order still does not become available for shipment by then.

In the case of PayPal, all payments are finalized upfront, when customers place their orders. So, for items that become available for pre-orders more than 25 days prior to the release date, the payment will be processed similarly as in the case of PayPal in that the payment is finalized prior to shipment of the order.

Once again, this only affects pre-orders of a small number of items that become available for pre-orders very early. For vast majority of items available at CDJpaan become available for shipment sooner, and credit payments are finalized upon shipment of your order.

Please note that once payment is finalized, it is no longer possible to make any modifications to the purchase. In case the order is cancelled entirely for any reason, we will issue a refund. In case of partial cancellation of your order, we will credit your customer account with Rewards Points. If you would to cancel an order, please let us know before an order is finalized.

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