Customs Duties and Import VAT

Your package will be subject to customs duties and Import VAT (GST). As a general rule, you will pay these charges when you receive the products, however some countries and regions requires the seller (CDJapan) to collect the VAT(GST) in advance, and to directly declare and pay to the respective countries or regions.

Regarding IOSS for New EU VAT Rules

We are currently preparing our website for the IOSS(Import Onestop Shop) system introduced by the EU, to include VAT in our prices. Our current estimated starting date is around March 2022. Once the VAT are included in our prices, we will make sure that it is noticeable to customers upon purchasing. We will also announce it on our website.

Along with introducing the IOSS, we are also planning to start collecting VAT in advance for UK and Norway as well.

We apologize that it is taking some time but we are definitely working on it.

1. When CDJapan Collects in Advance Upon Purchase

CDJapan will charge GST upon purchase for the countries below.

1: Australia / For orders below 1,000 AUD: 10%

2: New Zealand / For orders below 1,000 NZD: 15%

The required GST rate will be calculated on your sub-total. With this system, you will no longer have to pay GST to your customs office. If your sub-total exceeds the maximum amount stated above, you will no longer be charged in and you will directly pay GST upon receiving the package.

2. When Customers Directly Pay DUTY/VAT/GST

Your package may be subject to Duty and VAT (Value Added Tax)/GST(Goods & Services Tax). These extra charges are forms of tax that are not included with CDJapan's charges. They will be collected from you directly when the package is delivered, and it will be your responsibility to complete the payment in order to receive your order. Furthermore, your shipping company will charge you the administrative fees involved to pay DUTY/VAT, upon delivering your package.


  • Although it varies from country to country and it is not possible for us to find out the details. So, please make sure to find out the customs policy of your country before placing your order.

  • We are required to declare the value of prices paid for items accurately on the package to ensure that your package arrives without serious troubles at customs. Please do not contact us to undervalue your order.

Europe VAT Rates

  • Austria: 20%
  • Belgium: 21%
  • Bulgaria: 20%
  • Croatia: 25%
  • Cyprus: 19%
  • Czech Republic: 21%
  • Denmark: 25%
  • Estonia: 20%
  • Finland: 24%
  • France: 20%
  • Germany: 19%
  • Greece: 24%
  • Hungary: 27%
  • Ireland: 23%
  • Italy: 22%
  • Latvia: 21%
  • Lithuania: 21%
  • Luxembourg: 17%
  • Malta: 18%
  • Netherlands: 21%
  • Poland: 23%
  • Portugal: 23%
  • Romania: 19%
  • Slovakia: 20%
  • Slovenia: 22%
  • Spain: 21%
  • Sweden: 25%

Please note that above are approximate rates. Since they vary widely from country to country, it won't be possible for us to find out the accurate rates on our end.

Discount by Points and Coupon

Points and coupon redeemed on an order do not alter the value of items themselves, even though they lower the total amount we bill you for the purchase. However, as far as customs officials are concerned, it does not matter how much we were paid for the product and service we offer. They will determine the customs duty solely on the verifiable price of items that brought into the territory.

Sending Your Order as a Gift

To send your order as a gift, select "Send my order as a gift, and do not print prices on the packing slip" in the "Shipping and Gift Options" step at the time you order.

If you select this option, we will mark your package as a gift. Also, the prices of items won't be printed on the Packing Slip, which is a list of items to be included inside the package. However, we are still required to declare the value of items on the outside of the package.