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How to Pay

First CDJapan Order

  1. Use for PC You will find QR code next page, please read the code on your mobile phone to continue with payment.
  2. Use for mobile phone You will find Alipay/Wechat payment next page, please pay using your Alipay/Wechat Application from there.

Repeating Customers

The "Payment Options" step will be bypassed for repeating customers. For your first time select Alipay/Wechat, proceed to "Order Summary" step, click on "Edit" button for "Payment Method" and then select Alipay/Wechat.


To cancel your CDJapan order paid by Alipay/Wechat, please contact us by email (info@cdjapan.co.jp) within 80 days after the order is placed, make sure to include your order number. If you're only cancelling specific items included with your order, please include the catalogue number, and we will refund the partial amount or the full amount, depending on your request.


Orders paid by Alipay/Wechat cannot be modified (i.e. combining orders, moving items, shipping items separately, adding items).

Pre-Order for several items

It is not possible to make in one order in case the item release date is apart from more than 60 days each other, so please place order separately.

Important Notes

  • Your CDJapan order will be cancelled in case your Alipay/Wechat payment isn't completed.
  • While availability is updated every day, there may be unforeseen delays. Items may also prove to be unobtainable unexpectedly. In either case, you will receive an update automatically by email.
  • Shipping charge and the shipping method may be subject to an update, depending on the size and the weight of the order, in that case, we will let you know by email.

Customer Support (info@cdjapan.co.jp).