Timing of Payment

All credit card and debit card payments are processed as credit transactions. They are finalized when orders are shipped. That is, no payment will be transferred to us until then. However, when you placed your order, the issuer of your credit card will process a credit authorization for the amount of your purchase. Please note that for items that become available for pre-orders months in advance, the payment will be processed in approximately 60 days after you place your order (learn more).

Credit Authorization

Credit authorization is a procedure in which the card issuer grants the store an authorization to process the payment. Once the issuer of your card authorizes a transaction, they will block and reserve the amount corresponding to your purchase until the payment is finalized upon shipment of your order to ensure that you are not overdrawn. This amount may appear immediately in your card account, but once again, the amount is not transferred to us until the payment is finalized upon the shipment of your order.

Order Modifications

It is possible to add items to an existing order from your shopping cart. It is also possible to move items from one order to another order in your customer account as long as it is before the order has entered the shipping process, provided that the payment method of both orders is the same.

Whenever any modification is made to any order, the total amount of your purchase changes naturally. In order to facilitate payment for your order upon shipment, a credit authorization needs to be reprocessed for the new amount.

Once the credit authorization is reprocessed, the modification is completed. At the same time, the credit authorization that was processed initially will be voided. Please note that in case the total amount decreases as the result of the modification, the credit authorization is reprocessed approximately in one hour after the modification. Until then, further modification cannot be made to that order.

Note: Orders Placed Before June 28, 2017 It will not be possible to move items between orders placed after June 28 and ones that were placed before June 28 under former protocol. In your customer account, "Former Protocol" indication appears right next to orders placed before June 28, 2017.

Company Name

Our company name is Neowing Corporation. Transactions corresponding to your purchases at CDJapan normally appear as "NEOWING (CDJapan)" or it may also appear as "GMO Payment Gateway" which is the company name of our credit card processing agency.

How it Works

Depending on your credit card, the amount may appear on your card account details immediately as a pending charge.
This "held" amount may be released after a certain period, which may seem like a refund. However it is only the authorized amount being released and does not mean that the order was cancelled and refunded.

Cancelled Orders

If your order is cancelled before being shipped out, the credit authorization will be voided right at that point. No amount will be transferred to us. In case you continue to see the amount in your card account, it will disappear as soon as the issuer of your card refreshes the information. Please note that a partial refund is not possible. In case any need arises to reimburse any payment partially, such as in case or a return of an item as detailed in returns policy, your customer account will be credited with Rewards Points.