Did You Know Vol. 1: How To Save More Money
Apr 11,2008
Hello again,

This week I'd like to introduce you to a couple of interesting deals at CDJapan that you might not have heard about. They aren't new, they aren't limited, and chances are if you haven't ventured into our "Money Saving Programs" section you've never heard of them, but they can definitely save you some cash.

1) Get a 500yen Coupon For Combined Orders Over 25,000yen

Yep, everytime you spend over 25,000yen (roughly $250 USD) over the span of three months we send you a coupon for 500yen off your next purchase. Order totals are added to your tri-monthly total at the time they are shipped, so make sure to get your orders totalling 25,000yen or more to ship within three months of each other to receive the coupon.

Please note:
  • The coupons are sent out via email once a month, and if you receive a coupon in a given month, you won't be eligible for another until the following month (total is reset to 0 and will count up with orders from the following months).

  • You will only receive one coupon a month.

  • Book orders do not count for this program, though everything else (including apparel) will.

For more info see the "Money Saving Programs" page

2) Receive 30% more points for orders over 10,000yen
Placing a large order? Every order over 10,000yen (roughly $100 USD) earns you 30% more points. If you order under 10,000yen you earn 3% of your order total back as CDJapan Frequent Shopper Points. When your order total goes over 10,000yen, you get your original 300 points plus 30% of those points--in other words 390 points total (for an order of 10,000yen). For more info, check out the CDJapan "Money Saving Programs" page.

So, let's add it all together. Place an order for 30,000yen in a given month and you receive a 500yen coupon at the end of the month for ordering over 25,000yen, 900 points via our standard Frequent Shopper Point program, plus an additional 270 points for placing an order over 10,000yen. That comes to a combined savings of 1670yen to be used with future orders!

Even better, you can combine these with the CDJapan affiliate program for an additional 5% back as points.

Did You Know Vol. 1: How To Save More Money Comments


yah i know about them already...i'm building up a site now...hahaha...its under progress...well it was before the affilate program started cos i personally think that CDJ is a good place to purchase cds,i've introduced this site to several of my friends now but hoping to expand it more so yah..but the thing is i havent got a hosting site yet...do you have any recomendation of cheap and reliable hosting sites that i can sign up to??currently i'm thinking of lunarpages and hostmonster.....:s
by v.v : Apr 12,2008
erm...Dan...want to ask you a question...i ordered the MEN's fukubukuro set and i got a silver handbag??just wondering if its appropriate?:x...thx!XD
by v.v : Apr 12,2008
Thanks for the support! I'm always surprised by how enthusiastic our customers are.

As for web hosting, this isn't in anyway the official stance of CDJapan, but I use a company called ICDSoft for my personal hosting and they haven't given me problems yet. It's around 70/year for hosting, so if that's in your budget I'd check them out, though I'm sure there's plenty of other hosts in the same range.

As for the fukubukuro, I'll be able to look into it when I'm back in the office tomorrow. I'll write again when we hear back from SEX POT.
by Dan : Apr 13,2008
Necessary info.!
Hello my friend Dan.
Excuse, but did you could tell me where is the debut single (March 28)of AxK group in CDJapan. I don`t know exactly how to find it. I suppose it`s a single song for TV Drama Negima Live Action. The reference that I have it`s from the last single of pRythme "Kizuna" in the back of the CD.
HELP!!! O.N.E.G.A.I...
by Ken007 : Apr 16,2008
Hi Ken007!
Is this what you were looking for?

If it is, I can see why you couldn't find it. It was under a weird name ("A x K" with spaces) but I've changed it. You should be able to search for it under "AxK" through our "ALL" search option starting tomorrow.
by Dan : Apr 16,2008
OK, we heard back from SEX POT. They state that though there are male and female fukubukuro, unless explicitly stated on the product page, the items are designed to be unisex (so men get pants and girls get skirts, but the accessories are supposed to be unisex). Officially, it looks like there weren't any errors with your fukubukuro.
by Dan : Apr 17,2008
EU Customs
For prople living in Europe, placing large (high value) orders does not save money. Quite the opposite.

Small packages come through duty free. Higher value packages are intercepted by customs and can be subject to as much as a 40% import surcharge.

The way to save money is to make lots of small separate orders. That way you avoid the huge customs fees.
by AJ : Apr 17,2008
Oh! Yes, Yes. Thank you so much my friend Dan. So, this is the new single:Hmmmmmm, now I understand the meaning of this "AxK" title: A=Asuna and K=Kasumi, Je,je,je.
Another girls group of Negima Drama? WHERE ARE THE MEN??? This is not fair!!!
by Ken007 : Apr 17,2008
>>Dan>>oh...i see..i just thought that its weird to have a handbag..wahahaha...i dont even know who to give it to...my mom does not use these kind of handbag and i dont have a sister..haha..well thanks for the info!!
by v.v : Apr 17,2008
Thanks for the tip for everyone in Europe! We've always had some amount of packages get charged at customs, but beginning about a year ago we found that the frequency with which our customers have been getting charged had increased rapidly. Have you always had the problem with customs or has it really started in the last year?

Regardless, we're in the process of redoing our packing slips so hopefully you guys don't get caught up so much anymore.

Glad to help. I've heard their might not be enough men in Negima to do a men's single series, but if that's what you're looking for definitely try out "Prince of Tennis" (anime, musical, any really).

No, I totally understand where you're coming from! If I were you I'd probably end up giving it to my girlfriend or something, but if that fails I'm sure you could get something for it on eBay.
by Dan : Apr 17,2008
Dan, totally agree with the customs thing, I get charged customs too in Canada for orders like over $20...so retarded, damn NAFTA! What can you really do to your packaging slips to prevent this? It's like I often pay for 1.5x to almost double the stated price on your site!! Ridiculous.
by wohjai : Apr 18,2008
How does the "Get a 500yen Coupon For Combined Orders Over 25,000yen" work with the Spring coupon we just got? Did that reduce the quota back to 0 and starts the counter again as soon as you use the coupon? What if you spend 50,000 in 3 months? Do you automatically get a bonus coupon for the forthcoming month?
by wohjai : Apr 18,2008
Oh! Prince of Tennis Ah! It`s a great series= good suggestion Dan. Thank you, but I only asked for a brief presence in the male vocal songs from the Negima`s series.
And now that we talk about female vocal songs did you tell me WHY the last singles of "Kizuna" from pRthyme and "Endless Sky" from AxK group don`t appear in the complete releases page of Negima? I searching by ALL, by CD and the last one is the single "Yukinoaji!". This way nobody will never know that there are these songs!!!! Don`t you think??
by Ken007 : Apr 18,2008
wohjai>We're still looking into it but I think it has something to do with the item total. We're looking into how other stores are doing things and seeing if we can bring down the custom charges because I've heard some huge horror stories.

As for the coupons, the spring coupon shouldn't affect the 25,000yen coupon total at all, so as long as you've spent 25,000yen you should get another coupon. You'll only receive one 25,000yen coupon per month, so if you ship an order worth 50,000 in one month you'll only receive one coupon. However, say you ship:

Jan. - 25,000yen order
Feb. - 5000yen order
Mar. - 20,000yen order

You'll receive a coupon at the beginning of February and at the beginning of April. Also, remember that the totals aren't calculated when you order, but when your order ships. Does that make sense?
by Dan : Apr 18,2008
Thanks for the info! The reason the singles didn't show up was because the words "Negima" didn't show up in either the title or artists name so the person responsible for series didn't notice he had to add it to the series listing. I've input product descriptions and notified our series guy for the remaining items so they should show up from now on.

Which reminds me, there's also a pRythme mini-album coming that I'm having them add to the series listing.
by Dan : Apr 18,2008
Ah! That was the situation? Perfect...Thanks for the info Dan. Oh! and thanks again for the new minialbum of pRythme(I will add to my save items page now).
by Ken007 : Apr 19,2008
What if you order 50,000 in one month, you get the coupon the following month, but does your accumulating total reset back to 0 or does it subtract 25,000 from that 50,000 and technically making you eligible to collect a coupon for 2 consecutive months since you still have 25,000 left for the next month?

Oh I'll tell you another short story. Apparently it really depends on if you're lucky with Canadian customs. I ordered around 4000 yen once and got charged customs but this time my 20000 yen order got through untouched so I'm very happy. Either they fall asleep on their job, totally miss the package, are too lazy, or are not knowledgeable enough to understand converting the Japanese yen. Btw, thanks for the V!NYL SYNDICATE!
by wohjai : Apr 21,2008
1) Ooh! Glad to hear you got your copy of V!NYL SYNDICATE!

2) Exactly, I've heard customs only performs checks randomly, so sometimes they'll charge you and sometimes they won't. I've been hearing that a lot of European countries have been getting stricter with this.

3) As of right now your total resets back to 0 so you wouldn't cary over the remaining 25,000 to the next month (and therefore you'd only receive one coupon). However, we're discussing a few changes to the program and I'm hoping we can make the coupons increase with order totals past 25,000.
by Dan : Apr 21,2008