4 New Staff Join CDJapan
Apr 23,2010
4 fresh university graduates joined CDJapan this April.
Let me give a brief introduction of our new staff.



Saeko Obi

Hobby: Watching Movies, Traveling
Part Time Jobs during University Student Years:
Movie Ticket Counter, Disneyland Staff
Reason Joining CDJapan:
I want to spread Japanese anime and Japanese music to the world.


Kohshi Ohnuki

Hobby: Reading (Mystery Novels), Shopping, Listening to Music, Karaoke and Mah-Jongg
Part Time Jobs during University Student Years:
Tutor at Cram School
Reason Joining CDJapan:
I was attracted that CDJapan specializes in providing entertainment products.


Kohichi Tomita

Hobby: Listening to Music, Going to Live Concerts, Driving, Reading Manga.
Part Time Jobs during University Student Years:Tutor at Cram School
Reason Joining CDJapan:
I was eager to get a job related to music. The fact that CDJapan
is an online shop was also attractive because there is a chance to communicate
with many people.


Noriko Miyazaki

Hobby: Going Around Pancake Cafes, Talking in "Moe" Voice.
Favorites: Music/Gazette, Morning Musume, Musicals
Movie/ The Devil Wears Prada
Anime/ Ranma 1/2
Reason Joining CDJapan:
1.Because I want to hear more people from overseas to fall in love with Japan.

4 New Staff Join CDJapan Comments


Welcome to the staff, everyone! ^^
by Nackar : Apr 23,2010
I wish them all the best!
by skylight : Apr 24,2010
Welcome and good luck new staff! ^^

Oh!! Noriko likes Gazette, that is so awesome!! They are one of my favorite bands too! ^w^

And I just want to praise everyone at CDJapan!! You guys just keep getting better and better! It's really nice that you have listened to our comments and suggestions and now you have tour goods and special bonuses (like autographed photos) of many visual kei artists!! Thank you all so much!!!
by keri : Apr 24,2010
Welcome, congrats on the new jobs :)
by BarrieV : Apr 24,2010
I join the greeting of all foreigners for you guys. Good luck in your new job because you are in one of the best companies in the entertainment and music of Japan.

Ah..!! Noriko san likes Morning Musume like me. Good, good, very good!! and talking in MOE voice? Wonderful girl!!
I really want to hear you...!
by Ken007 : Apr 25,2010
Ah! I forget it. The new section of videogames is really great, too.

Thank you so much Mana-chan.

And one request, too:
Who sings the ending 2 of Fairy Tail anime? I don`t found it!!
by Ken007 : Apr 25,2010
Welcome, and good luck working at CDJapan!
by murogu : Apr 25,2010
Hi guys!! Welcome to CDJapan! :))))
*throws confetti* :D
by v : Apr 26,2010
Hi Ken I looked up the official Fairy tale website and they've listed 3 songs for ending themes.


Latest one is called "Gomenne Watashi" by Shiho Nanba.
(I could not find any you tube links for this one)

Previous ending themes are

"Tsuiseki Merry Go Round" by "onelifecrew"

"Kanpeki Goo No Ne" by "Watari Rouka Hashiritai"

by Manababy : Apr 26,2010
Thank you so, so much Mana for the info.
Very well...!

I hope you and all staff of CDJapan enjoy a HAPPY GOLDEN WEEK!!
by Ken007 : May 01,2010