Welcome to the CDJapan Blog
Jun 29,2006
CDJapan LogoWelcome to the brand new CDJapan blog, released in conjunction with the update June 29, 2006 to our systems. Now that we've switched to an automated system for most of our pages, we're able to present a wider variety of genres for our customers.

However, no change is without problems, and I'm here to address your concerns, hear your praise (always welcome!), and in general give you a little background on what's going on behind the scenes at CDJapan. I'll try to keep this frank and informal.

First, the ground rules:

1. Comments to articles will be accepted up to two weeks after an article is first published here. I'll try to respond to comments, but please understand that the CDJapan staff is still busy switching over to the new system and will not be able to respond to everyone.

2. Say whatever you'd like in the comments section, but please remember that CDJapan is a family site. The same rules for our product recommendation system apply here--don't write anything you wouldn't say in front of your mother.

3. You are free to address other posters here, however we will not tolerate flaming.

4. Please keep all comments in English. Just trust me, you don't want to see me attempt to reply in Spanish. :)

I'll be taking the next few days to introduce the new features and discuss some of the problems we're currently working on fixing. In the mean time, have a look at our redesigned site (check out our introduction page for a brief crash course). I'm excited to hear what you guys think!

* About the author: My name is Dan and I'll be your host for the CDJapan blog. As a part of the CDJapan contents team, I'm mostly responsible for the Japanese independent music, foreign music, and articles on our site. I listen to pretty much everything but my current favorites are UA and Ringo Shiina/Tokyo Jihen.

Welcome to the CDJapan Blog Comments


Can users request move of itmes to a list
Great initiative to introduce the blog here.

I was wondering if it would become possible for users to request items that aren't listend in the proper title in the listings (anime listings) to be added to the list they should belong in? Example, these 2 products from Memories Off aren't listed in the Memories Off lists, but cdjapan still sells them: KDCA-8 and KDCA-9
by shawurai : Jun 30,2006
Hi shawurai,

Thanks for the comments!
The short answer to your question is unfortunately "no."

A rather byzantine system is responsible for the listings pages, and the system responsible changes depending on the genre of the product you'd want to add (which is why the URL's are different for the listings pages of say JPop artists and anime series and, coincidently, also the reason our nefarious artist search sometimes gives you three results for the same artist).

However, I talked to our system people and they were able to add KDCA-8 and KDCA-9 to the Memories Off complete listings page for you. They should show up now (around the second page or so). Anyway, I wish I could provide a better answer, but for the time being I hope that helped!
by Dan : Jun 30,2006
by Denieru : Jun 30,2006
Hola, como est- . . . (violent sobbing)
by Dan : Jun 30,2006
thanks for the answer
Well thanks Dan,

I know my request would have been difficult to get, but at least I know a little more about the 'why' behind it not being possible. Anyway thanks for the answer and it was really nice of you to to fix the little thing with those two items.

I'll be hanging around here to see how things evolve and hopefully more people will come and reply on this blog.
by shawurai : Jun 30,2006
"Idols" section not always in navigation bar
I noticed that the "Idols" section isn't visible in the navigation bar when navigate to "Newsletter", "View Cart", "Saved Items" and Customer Account". The "Help" section doenst have that problem and "Idols" show up as it should in the navigation bar.

I suppose that this little problem is being worked on so it can be solved, but I just wanted to point it out.
by shawurai : Jun 30,2006
Looking Good
Loving the changes, looking forward to seeing how it grows. Best of luck and I hope we can see some searches/link buildouts for the HD DVD and Blu-ray formats soon for easier searching!
by Chris Beveridge : Jun 30,2006
Thanks again shawurai and thanks for the support Chris!

Yeah, it looks like the idols tab hasn't been added to the secure pages yet (any URL beginning in "https") or the shopping cart. We should have that fixed up within the next week.

As for HD-DVD and Blu-ray, I can't tell you yet what form it will come in, but I can tell you we are most certainly working on special pages for the next-gen formats. I can also tell you that our system team is currently working on getting HD-DVDs to show up correctly in our search engine (as it stands now, they tend to show up on the very last page of the search results if you've set the search to all media).
by Dan : Jul 01,2006
Affiliate Program
I hope the new website will propose an affiliated program.
by Steve Gobin : Jul 02,2006
Most Certainly
Hi Steve,

We are absolutely working on an affiliate program right now, so most certainly keep an eye out in the next two months. I'll announce the program details here when we've completed the setup process.
by Dan : Jul 03,2006
What? A blog from one of my favorite online music stores? Cool. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts.
by karakui : Jul 05,2006
Could we get a website affiliates system, please! It would drive more traffic to CDJapan and give us webmasters a way to get more points to use at CDJapan It would be great to have this feature. :) CDJapan is the best! Keep up the good work!
by Shon : Jul 05,2006
First, sorry your comments didn't show up immediately, looks like our system was set to only display 10 comments. Should be fixed for now! De wa,

Karakui> Thanks, you rock! Doubly so for posting about us on your blog!

Shon> Glad to hear! We're actually setting up our affiliate system right now. We don't have any set dates for release yet, but it should be coming within the next couple of months :) Keep an eye out here, I'll post on the blog when we launch. We definitely agree with you though!
by Dan : Jul 05,2006
Thank you!
Thank goodness! CD Japan will finally have an affiliation program! I can't wait for this to come out and it would definitely help us (fansite) webmasters promote our favorite artists a lot more!

I have been a CD Japan customer since 2001 and you guys never fail to keep me spoiled! Keep it up! :)
by Adrianne Padua : Jul 06,2006
Thanks Adrianne!

Yes, it looks like everyone's just as excited about the CDJapan affiliate program as we are. I'm really pleased to hear there's so much interest and that everyone likes the site so much!

Definitely stay tuned.
by Dan : Jul 06,2006