Food Samples
Mar 26,2010
If you have ever visited Japan, you've probably encountered
our food samples at some point during your stay.

Not a lot of people knew food samples was a "Japanese thing"
until many foreigners showed interest in the food samples and
made them one of the most popular souvenirs.

Once I think about it, food samples are actually pretty neat.
They are displayed in showcases in front of restaurants to show the customers
a precise idea of how the food is served.
It's definitely better when you can get an image of what you are ordering.
I get surprised sometimes when I go overseas and see a menu with no
pictures, just described in words.

Food samples are made by professional food sample craftsmen.
As you can see, the colors, shine and softness are re-created in details.


Curry Rice


There is no point of spilling the ramen here but I chose this because the fluidity was so real.


Harajuku Crepes displayed in showcase. Samples for crepes are definitely necessary because Japanese-style crepes are wrapped and insides can not be seen.

Food Samples Comments


Whoa, those look real. It looks so delicious!!!! One can easily be tricked into eating these, only to realize that they're not real.
by Jen : Mar 26,2010
Oh by the way, my friend told me that she got the package. It was delayed by about 2 weeks. You were right after all :)
by Jen : Mar 27,2010
Looks real and delicious! Have never tasted Crepes but have allways wanted to try it.

I have a question about an item, the new DVD to the band D, called "D 1st video clips". Aren't there supposed to be a first press/ limited ed. or something with 2 discs and a bit diffrent cover? Like this
I really want to order it from you but im a bit unsecure of what im getting. :)
by Remy : Mar 27,2010
I love the food samples! My father, who traveled to Japan numerous times has actually used the food samples to point out what he wanted to eat.

By the way, I keep getting a message saying that your pages are still indexing and this has been going on for quite some time. I wanted to search for something, but can't.
by Kym : Apr 01,2010
Mmmmmmm... I also like these food samples, specially curry rice. So real!!

By the way, Mana. I have a question: a friend tell me if you have a GORE MOVIE called "The Human Centipede: First Class". It`s totally gore and so cruel(2009) and I heared it`s a mixture between japanese and european cooperation or something like that. The first class I supposed it`s because will coming a second part or I wrong??

Ah! another thing: What is the meaning of "Otakebi Boy", Mana?. I see the PV of Berryz Koubou and it`s great.. seems all are at infernal`s scenery like God of War III, Je,je. Risako it`s the best Zeus!!
by Ken007 : Apr 02,2010
Everybody, forgive me for my late response.

I am sorry that the package was delayed for 2 weeks.
But please contact us if you ever have late packages again.

>My father, who traveled to Japan numerous times has actually used the food samples to point out what he wanted to eat.

Kym> Yes, I guess that is one of the reasons why foreigners appreciate
food samples.

I am very sorry that you are having troubles.
If you have a particular item that you want to look up on our site,
I can look it up for you if we carry it.

by Manababy : Apr 02,2010
Ken>I read the plot summary of Human Centipede: First Class
and it sounds so scarry.

But there is no information that this will be released in Japan
at this point so our none of our suppliers carry this yet.

"Otakebi" literally means to "Yell out" in a manly way.
Like when a man would shout before or after they've done something brave.
Like when Tarzan yells out when he swing from tree to tree.
by Manababy : Apr 02,2010
Thank you for your question.
We are currently confirming this information but I think you are right.
I will let you know when we receive confirmation that there will be a limited press with 2 discs.
by Manababy : Apr 02,2010
No no Mana!! It's not CDjapan's fault at all. It's my fault with the wrong zip code which ended up with the delay by my country's post office.
by Jen : Apr 02,2010
Thanks for the info. Mana!!
Good examples..!
by Ken007 : Apr 04,2010