Japanese Karaoke
Apr 09,2010
As you may know Japan is famous for Karaoke.

In my opinion, people from overseas do not sing in front of others
if they know they can't sing.
But in Japan, it is not humiliating to sing at Karaokes no matter
how bad you are. Most of the times I hear terrible singers from other rooms
when I go to Karaoke. But that's alright. Japanese Karaokes are all separated in private rooms so you can sing without thinking about what others think.
Everybody has a fun time.


I just took a friend from Uganda to Japanese karaoke and he really liked it
so let me share how we do it in Japan.
Normally you'd go with friends, girlfriends boyfriends, in a group of 2-4 people. I'd say the average singing time is 2 hours. If it seems not enough when the time comes, we extend an hour if there isn't anybody on the waiting list.
Most karaoke also has a "Free time" where you can drink and sing for as many hours you want during a certain time like from 12:00PM-8:00PM.

Sometimes when my friend and I want to talk somewhere quiet because restaurants are too loud, we'd just go in a karaoke room and talk privately and use it as a private lounge. There is also a large selection of food, snacks, and alcohol.

This is how the remote controllers look recently.
I don't know what kind of functions they have nowadays but they are getting bigger and bigger each time I come.


The sound system is getting better and better each year and no matter how bad
the singer is, it sounds pretty good with all the echoes and background vocals.

More and more English, Chinese, and Korean songs have been added to
the selection too so even those who can not speak Japanese can have a fun time too.

If you ever visit Japan please try it out.

Japanese Karaoke Comments


We have lots of KTV outlets in my country too. It's a great place to hang out with friends, and we don't mind each other's bad singing either.
by Aprah : Apr 12,2010
do they also have romaji subs?
by meru : Apr 20,2010