CDJapan Blog Moves to Live Journal
May 14,2010

Starting from today. CDJapan has moved our blog to Live Journal. Thank you so much for supporting this blog over the years. I hope I will see everybody over there.

We have also opened a CDJapan official community at Live Journal. Please visit our community too.

Tokyo Sky Tree
May 07,2010

Tokyo Sky Tree - a bradcasting, restaurant, and also observation tower is currently under construction, scheduled to be completed by the end of next year, with the public opening in the spring of 2012.

It is located in-between Asakusa - downtown Tokyo and Ryogoku - famous for sumo wrestling.
As of March 29th, 2010 it is the tallest tallest artificial structure in Japan.
When completed, the tower is designed to be 634.00 m (2,080 ft).

Even though it is still under construction, Tokyo Sky Tree is already a popular spot for tourists because it will be a rare view in the future to see it under construction. Some crazy fan even moved into a building nearby in order to take a picture of the tower getting taller everyday.

CD and DVD Clearance Sale
Apr 30,2010

CDJapan will hold a clearance sale until May 5th.

CDs and DVDs will be off up to 30%!!

The sale period is not that long so take a good look at our collection
during this limited time.

Also please note that Japan is currently going through Golden week.
This year Golden week will fall on the following period.

May1st - May5th

We apologize for the inconvenience but our customer support will not be
able to response to your inquiries.
Any cancellation requests will not be answered during that time.

We will do our best to get back to all mails as soon as we can.

Have a great weekend!

4 New Staff Join CDJapan
Apr 23,2010
4 fresh university graduates joined CDJapan this April.
Let me give a brief introduction of our new staff.



Saeko Obi

Hobby: Watching Movies, Traveling
Part Time Jobs during University Student Years:
Movie Ticket Counter, Disneyland Staff
Reason Joining CDJapan:
I want to spread Japanese anime and Japanese music to the world.


Kohshi Ohnuki

Hobby: Reading (Mystery Novels), Shopping, Listening to Music, Karaoke and Mah-Jongg
Part Time Jobs during University Student Years:
Tutor at Cram School
Reason Joining CDJapan:
I was attracted that CDJapan specializes in providing entertainment products.


Kohichi Tomita

Hobby: Listening to Music, Going to Live Concerts, Driving, Reading Manga.
Part Time Jobs during University Student Years:Tutor at Cram School
Reason Joining CDJapan:
I was eager to get a job related to music. The fact that CDJapan
is an online shop was also attractive because there is a chance to communicate
with many people.


Noriko Miyazaki

Hobby: Going Around Pancake Cafes, Talking in "Moe" Voice.
Favorites: Music/Gazette, Morning Musume, Musicals
Movie/ The Devil Wears Prada
Anime/ Ranma 1/2
Reason Joining CDJapan:
1.Because I want to hear more people from overseas to fall in love with Japan.