Kimutaku New T.V.Drama
Apr 16,2010
SMAP star Takuya Kimura will be starring in a new love drama series "Tsuki no Koibito-Moon Lovers" on Fuji TV.

He will be playing a interior company president. There will be three female leads with Ryoko Shinohara, Lin Chi-ling from Taiwan and Keiko Kitagawa.
All female casts are good enough to be the sole leading role.

Originally a tiny furniture shop, Takuya's interior company gradually became a large business, almost reaching No.1 sales in the country.

Everything was going smoothly until 3 women come into his life.

Takuya meets takes his interior business to China and meets Lin Chi-ling
Ryoko Shinohara is an interior designer playing Takuya's co-worker. She is portrayed as a tough, friend-type woman which is most unlikely to hook up with Takuya.
Lastly Keiko Kitagawa is casted as a rich beautiful famous model who very straight-forward girl.

This drama will be the first love drama in 10 years for Takuya.
With these casts, the story has to be good!!

Takuya Kimura

Ryoko Shinohara

Lin Chi-ling

Keiko Kitagawa

Kimutaku New T.V.Drama Comments


I thought that girl, Ryoko Shinohara was the one from The Last Samurai (which is of course Kato Koyuki). They look so similar at least in this picture.
by bobby : Apr 16,2010
Keiko Kitagawa change name or you type wrong? is Ryoko Shinohara is Keiko sister?
by GenyaArikado : Apr 17,2010
Bobby> you're right. That picture does look like Koyuki!
And GenyaArikado>Thanks for telling me.
My mistake!
by Manababy : Apr 19,2010
would him be like tsuruga ken from skip beat!!!?? can't wait for the drama~
by sookyee : Apr 21,2010
sookyee :ĦĦI didn't know Tsuruga Ren but I looked him up and he seems like a intelligent gentleman character.
by Manababy : Apr 23,2010
I wonder who will sing the theme song for the drama...SMAP?
by skylight : Apr 25,2010