Earn Commission With The CDJapan Affiliate Program

Introduce CDJapan and its products on your homepage or blog and receive commission on the sale price when one of your site visitors makes a purchase. Even making your own affiliate links is a snap with the CDJapan Affiliate Program, so why not give it a shot?

CDJapan Affiliate Program Characteristics

You will earn 5-7% of sales coming from your site. Your rate for each month will be determined by the amount of confirmed sales you received in the previous month.
Commission Rate Monthly Sales (Yen)*
5% 0 - 499,999 yen
6% 500,000 - 999,999 yen
7% Over 1,000,000 yen
*Monthly Sales=total product price of qualifying products for the previous month.
*Please note that tax and shipping charges are excluded from your sale totals.

Receive commission for your own purchases by simply clicking one of the CDJapan affiliate links on your site and shopping at CDJapan. Since you'll also receive CDJapan's standard 3% back as CDJapan Frequent Shopper Points, your combined savings with the affiliate program can total 8% - 10%!
When one of your site visitors arrives at CDJapan through an affiliate link, you'll receive credit for their next CDJapan purchase even if they don't buy anything when they first click on your link. As long as your visitors make a CDJapan purchase within 30 days, you'll receive credit.
Any commission you receive can be sent to you as either CDJapan Frequent Shopper Points through CDJapan or cash through PayPal. Learn more about receiving your commission.
Create an affiliate link easily from either a product number or page URL. We also have a variety of banner graphics. You can even view them right now--you don't need to be a member to check them out.

Automatically Updating Links
Your site is updated automatically when CDJapan is updated.
Easily create text links with product images or simple text links to display on your site.
Links with Product Images Text Links
CDJapan Affiliate Program members can view click history, order totals, which items are selling, and other trends easily through our Affiliate Program interface.

How To Register

Registration's easy, just click the button below, enter your CDJapan ID and password into the Sign Up window, and register your site and contact information. We'll check out your site and get back to you with the results of your application within 2 business days.
If you haven't registered for a CDJapan customer account yet, click the link below and continue to the customer registration process.


If you have any question, please contact us by email.
CDJapan Customer Support: affiliate@cdjapan.co.jp

Affiliate Program Terms of Service

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