CDJapan Affiliate Program FAQ

FAQ - 1.General Questions

Q. What is the CDJapan Affiliate Program?

The CDJapan affiliate program allows you to receive commission for purchases made by customers referred to CDJapan from your blog or website. Even if the customers you have referred do not make a purchase immediately, you will still receive credit as long as they purchase within thirty days of last following the link on your site.

Q. How much can I earn?

You will earn 5-7% of sales coming from your site. Your rate for each month will be determined by the amount of confirmed sales you received in the previous month. *Please note that tax and shipping charges are excluded from your sale totals.

Q. Will I receive commission for purchases I make myself?

Of course you'll receive commission for your own purchases! Just make sure to click on your own affiliate link before shopping to ensure your CDJapan affiliate cookie is loaded in your browser so that we can calculate your commission. Please note that if you follow a CDJapan affiliate link from someone else's site before placing your order, the commission will go to them and not you.

Q. Are there any items that don't qualify for the affiliate program?

Currently, purchases of CDJapan gift certificates and magazine subscriptions do not qualify for the affiliate program.

Q. Can I participate in the affiliate program from any country?

We generally allow people from any country to participate. However, please be aware that all notifications and customer support will be handled in English.

Q What countries can people order from?

CDJapan's international shopping experience extends to customers in over 200 countries worldwide. As long as the country receives EMS, Airmail, or SAL shipping, we allow you to ship your order pretty much anywhere. Our support is conducted in English, so please feel free to introduce CDJapan anywhere across the globe.

Q. Do I have to pass a test to participate?

We accept applications for participation from anyone with an interest in CDJapan! However, before completing the application process we will confirm that your website conforms to the following guidelines.
Your site does not:

Furthermore, we may reject your application in case the contents on your site cannot be viewed (e.g., due to any error in the URL submitted, your site being invitation-only Social Networking Site, or any problem with accessing the website).

Please understand that while these are our general guidelines, additional restrictions may apply. If you are accepted, please note that any later activity which breaks the guidelines listed above may render your contract void. We will generally inform you of the status of your application within two business days. If you have any questions about the affiliate program, please contact

Q. How do I participate?

You must have a CDJapan customer account in order to participate in the CDJapan Affiliate Program. Registered users please click the link below and enter your ID and password, then follow the instructions to complete the application. If you have not registered an account with CDJapan, you can register by clicking the link below and then following the "Register New Customer Account" link at the bottom. You will automatically be returned to the affiliate program application screen after you complete account registration. We will then confirm that your site meets our guidelines and inform you of the results within two business days You will be able to create affiliate links for your site. However, collection of transactions begins after the acceptance of the application, and any clicks or orders made during the review process won't be reflected in your account even if your application is accepted.
Click here for the Affiliate Program Registration Screen

Q. I run several websites. Can I receive commission for all of my sites?

You may submit as many sites to be used with your affiliate ID, as you'd like. Don't worry; once your sites have passed the inspection you'll be able to view separate access reports for each site.

If you have any question, please contact us by email.
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