CDJapan Affiliate Program FAQ

FAQ - 2. Getting Referrals

Q. How should I introduce your site?

Q. What ways can I link to CDJapan?

You can introduce us through:

Q. How should I make the affiliate links?

Q. Can I make an affiliate link without using the link creation menu?

Our more technical users will be able to create their own affiliate links as long as it follows the pattern below.

Fixed Portion/LinkID/SiteID/Affiliate ID/%2link destination(everything after

*Please note that losses due to errors in calculating affiliate totals resulting from changes made to the link code do not fall under the responsibilities of CDJapan. You assume full responsibility for any losses that may occur if you change your link codes.

Q. Can I use information from CDJapan if I'm enrolled in the affiliate program?

CDJapan affiliate partners are allowed to post CDJapan's product images, product text (product name, catalog number, artist name, product description, and physical media info) on their site without the explicit permission from CDJapan. Please note that item prices and availabilities change regularly, and you assume all responsibility for the truthfulness of the information you post on your site. Please regularly check CDJapan to ensure your data is correct. Please note you are also restricted from posting track lists, customer reviews, special article/pick up text or any other data not listed above on your site.

Q. May I make my own banners?

Generally, we require users to use the banners CDJapan has prepared for the affiliate program. If you would like to request a specific banner, or would like to use the CDJapan logo in your own banner, please contact us (

Q. What am I prohibited from doing?

You are prohibited from posting affiliate links on online BBSs, forums, and other communal sites, using spam mail for promoting your site or CDJapan, sending messages to non-commercial newsgroups, or doing anything that would cause problems for CDJapan or any third party. For complete information on what activities are prohibited, please view the CDJapan Affiliate Program Terms of Service here.

Q. May I mention CDJapan in my own mail magazines?

You are permitted to post CDJapan affiliate links in self-managed newsletters that your users have voluntarily subscribed to.

Q. Is it possible to accept orders from my own site?

This affiliate program does not support the ability for sites to accept orders on their own sites and pass them on to us. If you'd like to enquire about other types of information sharing methods with our site, please contact us (

Q. Can I receive all of your data at once to use in the affiliate program?

If you'd like specific data from the CDJapan database or would like to receive CDJapan's product data all at once for the purposes of synchronizing your personal database with that of CDJapan's, please contact us ( We will evaluate your site for eligibility, and will provide you with data if we believe doing so would be effective. When you apply, please specify how you plan to use CDJapan's information in your email.

Q. Do you have any plans to release your API?

We are considering releasing our API but have not decided on a date for release. However, we currently allow our users to access new product and artist information through RSS feeds. CDJapan fully welcomes users with a technical background to use this XML data in whatever way they please.

If you have any question, please contact us by email.
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