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FAQ - 3. Commission

Q. How will CDJapan know if orders or clicks have come from an affiliate site?

We are able to determine whether customers have come from an affiliate site through the use of web browser cookies. Please note that these cookies are, and will always be exclusively used to determine payment for affiliate sites, and will not be used to collect any other type of data.

Q. How do you determine my commission rate?

Your commission rate is generally determined by your Monthly Sales* according to the following chart.

Commission RateMonthly Sales (Yen)*
5.00%0 - 499,999yen
6.00%500,000 - 999,999yen
7.00%Over 1,000,000yen

*Monthly Sales = total Product Price of qualifying products for the previous month.
Your commission rate will be redefined on the first day of each month.

Q. How can I confirm the number of clicks and orders I have generated?

You may view reports on clicks, orders, order totals, commission totals, order confirmation status, and popular products through the "Affiliate Menu" (Data Report Menu). We update the data daily.
Access Affiliate Reports Here

Q. When will I receive my commission

Your confirmed order totals will be calculated each month on the last day of the month. Please allow approximately 10 days after the end of the month to receive your commission payment.

Q. How will I receive my commission?

You may receive payment for your commission either as CDJapan Rewards Points (expire in one year) or via PayPal. Please note that your account is initially set to receive payment as CDJapan points. If you would like to receive payment via PayPal, log into the "Affiliate Menu" after being accepted for the affiliate program and change your "Payment Method" through the "User Profile" menu.

Your account is initially set to receive CDJapan points every month. If, instead, you'd prefer to be paid once your payment reaches a set total, please change your threshold commission total through the "User Profile" menu. If you choose to receive payment via PayPal, please note that your threshold commission total must be set to at least 5000yen. If you have selected PayPal and are scheduled to receive less than 5000yen for a given month, that money will be rolled into your payment total for the following month. Please also understand that customers will be responsible for all service charges requested by PayPal. Payment will be made in Japanese yen, though you may have the commission converted to the currency of your choice through PayPal's currency conversion service.

If the Product Price Total that qualifies during a given month is 0yen, the commission will not be paid in case the amount carried over from the previous month reaches the threshold commission total as a result of lowering the threshold commission total in Affiliate Menu. Commission including the amount carried over will be paid once any transaction is qualified. However, if you contact us by email ( before 20th of the month for our approval, CDJapan accommodates the payment of such payment individulally.

Q. Do customers who return after leaving CDJapan still count for the affiliate program?

The affiliate web browser cookie is effective at max for thirty days after a visitor has last clicked an affiliate link. If a visitor who has followed a link from your site does not place an order the day he or she clicks on the link, but instead returns and places an order at CDJapan at a later date, you will receive affiliate commission as long as the order was placed within 30 days of last clicking on your affiliate link.

Q. What does it mean when it says my payment is "Pending"?

Orders are initially marked as "Pending" when placed on our site. Once a "Pending" order has been paid for and shipped, it will be converted into an official order eligible for the affiliate program. In the event that the order is cancelled or returned, the order becomes ineligible for the affiliate program. Orders containing preordered products may be marked "Pending" for a long period of time. You will receive credit for these orders once all items have shipped after their release dates.

Q. What is my "Carryover Total"?

Your carryover total indicates the amount of money (commission total + adjustment total + carryover total) you earned the previous month that was not paid on the previous payment date. If the sum of your commission total, adjustment total, and carryover total does not exceed your commission payment threshold or your confirmed order total for the month equals zero, your commission total will be carried over to the following month.

Q. What is my "Adjustment Total"?

If an order earning you commission is returned or determined to be illegitimate after your monthly commission payment has been confirmed, we may need to return money from your commission totals in order to put your account back into balance. The adjustment total is the amount that will be returned.

Q. What is my "Threshold Commission Total"?

If you set a threshold commission total for your account your monthly commission payment will be carried over to the following month in the event that the sum of your commission total, adjustment total, and carryover total does not exceed your commission payment threshold. Use this if you would like to have your commission payments accumulate to a certain amount before they are paid off.
CDJapan Points are only valid for one year after being issued. Use the threshold commission total if you would like to delay the issue of points.
If you choose to receive your commission by PayPal, your threshold commission total is automatically set to 5000yen. You will not be able to change this value.

Q. What are Transaction IDs?

Transaction IDs are the control codes for your click data. You may need them if you have a question about a particular transaction.

Q. When will I not receive payment?

You may not receive payment for cancelled orders, returned orders, or orders gained as a result from breaking our terms of service. You may confirm the status of orders and reasons why orders may have become ineligible for the affiliate program by clicking "Confirm Sale Status" from the "Affiliate Menu".

If you have any question, please contact us by email.
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