They are unable to be listed /shipped because they applied either of the followings restrictions.

Items Prohibited To Be Shipped Internationally

  • Gunpower [Fireworks, Crackers, and Ammunitions]
  • Flammable Liquids [Lighter Fuel, Oil Fuel, Manicure, Perfume, and Paint]
  • Compressed Gasses [Fire extinguishers, Aqualungs, Dust removers (spray type), Portable condensed oxygen, Helium gas, Gas stove burners for camping, Gas for portable stoves, Gas for lighters]
  • Flammable Materials [Matches, Charcoal, and Lighters]
  • Oxidizers [Bleach, Peroxidative agents, Oxygen generators for personal use]
  • Poisonous substances [Chloroform and Insecticide transpirators (heat type)]
  • Corrosive Substances [Mercury and Battery]
  • Radioactive Substances [Plutonium, Radium, Uranium, and Cesium]
  • Narcotics and Psychotropic substances
  • Live Animals
  • Pornographic Materials[Pornographic or immoral materials, Book, DVD, CD, and so on]
  • Valuables [Coins, Banknotes, Paper money, Processed or unprocessed platinum, Gold/silver, Gem, Precious stones, and other valuables]
  • Important Cultural Properties and Art Treasures [Important cultural properties, Historic sites, Places of scenic beauty and natural monuments, Important Tangible Folk-cultural Property Endangered Species Genetically Modified Crops Ivory, Tortoiseshell, Alligator leather, Tiger skin]
  • Items contain Lithium battery (e.g. mobile phone, tablet, computer, game console, MP3 player...etc.)

Items Can Not Be Requested Due to Our Restriction Policy

  • Ticket
  • Fan Club Collectibles
  • Fan Club Registration
  • Grocery
  • Event Exclusive Products
  • Internet auction items
  • Physical store only items [The items available only at bricks-and-mortar stores in Japan.]
  • Items sold at stores that ONLY accepts Bank deposit and Japan Post transfer as viable payment options.
  • Products which overseas distributions are prohibited by the publisher.
  • Downloaded contents such as MP3's, video files, software applications...etc.
  • Products which will be available after release date or is sold at CDJapan.