1. Once finalized (paid), order containing Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s) CANNOT be modified, added to, canceled or refunded.
*Finalized order contain Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s) cannot be combined with other orders, including order contains items from CDJapan site, and/or order contains Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s) .

2. Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s) that are marked as "Limited edition" "Limited release" and/or come with bonus(es) can be sold out without notice.
We will inform you regarding the availability of limited item and bonus as soon as possible.


3. "Handling Fees" will be added to the disclosed "Item Price" at the checkout process, they are separately displayed as "Standard Fee" and "Service Fee" in Order Summary.

4. Once we acquire accurate weight/size of product, additional international shipping fees or a volume weight charge(1) may be charged, if applicable.You will receive an email informing the details.
(1)DHL & FedEx charges a volume weight fee affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight.
* A refund for over-charged amount may also occur in some cases.
* For more information on Fees.

5. Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s) are provided by a third party online retailer/seller. Therefore, the price and availability are not guaranteed (even after placing an order). In cases your requests is not fulfilled due to a price increase or unavailability, the item(s) in question will be automatically canceled and refunded.
* CDJapan will not accept any responsibility for the cancellation.

6. By ordering Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s), you are agreeing to "Handling Fees", stated in term and condition (3), and potential adjustment in final price, stated in term and condition (4).

Payment method(s)

7. Payment method(s) are limited to credit card, PayPal or Alipay.
* Orders using other payment methods will be canceled.
* For more information on .


8. Cancellations, Refunds won't be possible after your order is finalized.

9. All Requested Orders are carefully inspected upon arrival at our warehouse, there will be no replacement or refund for any damages occurred after this. fees occurred) or replace damaged/missing item(s) accordingly.

10. By choosing DHL, FedEx, Registered Airmail or EMS, your order will be insured for any damage and or loss occurred during transit. In which case, CDJapan will refund in full (item price + shipping + other service fees occurred) or replace damaged/missing item(s) accordingly.

11.If the parcel is returned due to rejection or failure to pay related taxes, a refund will not be applicable.

12. For some listings, the supplier may need to back-order from the manufacturer, this may take up to a month or more. There is also a chance that it will not be available in the end. In which case, we will cancel the item(s) and proceed to refund. During the wait time, cancellation request is not accepted.
* CDJapan will not accept any responsibility for the cancellation.

13. Limited bonus can be sold out without notice. In case the bonus is sold out after an order was finalized, we will contact you (via email) asking if you would want to cancel the order (reply to confirm cancellation).

14. Order(s) containing any prohibited item(s) will be automatically canceled.
* For more information on Restricted Prohibited Items .


15. Point(s) can be redeemed when purchasing an order containing Proxy Shopping (requested) item(s), however, reward points will NOT accumulate for the amount that is purchased using the Proxy Shopping service.

For further details regarding "Service Flow", "Payment and Fees", "Service Content" Please refer to About Proxy Shopping.

For a list of FAQ Please refer to Proxy Shopping Service FAQ.

[Updated on 24th April 2024]