If you are taken here from the "International Orders" button in another website, welcome! This is a service brought to you by CDJapan, where we purchase products that are usually exclusive to users living in Japan on your behalf and package, shipping them to almost anywhere in the world. Please note that by using this service, in addition to the listed price, we will also charge a fee for handling of the product, please see below if you are unsure of the service content and charges.


Q. What is this?

This is a proxy shopping service brought to you by CDJapan, where we purchase products that are usually exclusive to users living in Japan on your behalf and package, shipping them to almost anywhere in the world. We oversee the entire process of purchasing, inspection, packaging and shipping of the order. We will also provide support by acting as a point of communication between the buyer and the seller for any questions and or problems that may occur during and after the purchase.

Q. What is CDJapan

For over 20 years, CDJapan has been one of the most reliable online sources for users from all-around-the-world to purchase CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, figures/good characters, plastic models, books, magazines, video games, Japanese craft and more quality products unique to Japan. In recent years we have also opened up our platform for third party retailers and online-shopping sites to contribute to the ever expanding catalog, and hope to bring the most comprehensive Shop Japan experience to customers from all corners of the globe.

Q. How does it work?

When you are taken to the CDJapan via a third-party link, you will immediate see the product of your choice displayed on a page with a red "add to cart" button, simply click on the button, and following the instructions to place your order. Once the order is confirmed, we will proceed to purchase the product on your behalf from the designated site. After receiving the product from the seller, we will also take care of inspection, packaging and shipping of the order.

Q. What if there is a problem with my order, how am I supported in this case?

Yes, you will receive customer service on par with the seller's Japanese customers, we will assist you in communicating with the seller, you can contact our friendly customer service via mail info@cdjapan.co.jp.

**please note that we do not provide actual "customer service" for products purchased from a third-party site per se, the customer service policies for each shop may be different, and under different circumstances your order may not be eligible for service, we act only as an agent of communication between the user and the seller.

Q. How are fees charged?

All proxy fees are included in the order total when you place the order.

*Additional Charges
You may receive an additional charge in the shipping process if...
1. there is a difference between the estimated and actual size/weight of your package.
2. your order is applied with DHL/FedEx volume weight charge--the cost of an item affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight.


Content Price
Item Price as disclosed
Standard Fee* 1,200yen per order
Service Fee** 300yen per proxy item
Optional Services Fee*** Optional
International Shipping**** Estimated

* A 1,200yen Standard Fee will apply which covers handling fees for online purchasing, unpackaging/re-packaging, and other related fees.

**A 300yen Service Fee will apply per proxy item which covers fees for warehouse control and management.

***Whereas usually one parcel is sufficient for one order, in case the volume of your Requested Order exceeds the capacity of the largest box we have available, the order will be split accordingly. Handling Fee, optional services fee (if applicable) and international shipping charge will apply depending on the number of packages your Requested Order entails.

****International Shipping Charge only occurs as an estimate, the difference between the actual price will be either charged or refunded in the next transaction.

Taxes and Customs Related Charges

Your package is subject to customs tax once it arrives in your country. In such case, it will be your responsibility to complete the payment in order to receive your order.

Optional Servies

We provide the following two optional services:

Package Consolidation (300yen/per parcel)
Better packaging and cushioning means better protection for your prized items. We highly recommend this service for valuable items.