About Proxy Shopping & Step-by-Step Guide

We are now offering services to "shop on your behalf" for products that are not available on our site, but are available at other online shops in Japan.

You can also order multiple items from different shops (including CDJapan) easily and have them shipped out together without further charges.

Moreover, we will no longer charge you for additional proxy fees afterwards. By redesigning to a clear and simple pricing structure, we hope for customers to feel more safe using our proxy service by showing all required proxy fees beforehand.

  • At CDJapan we take pride in the quality of our services, the renewed Proxy Shopping service will be no different.
  • We will take exceptional care in handling and packaging of your prized products, like always.
  • Our friendly customer support staff will be on standby in times of need, like always.

* You will be charged with international shipping fees or volume weight fees(*) afterwards if your order is applicable due to size/weight.

* Volume Weight Fee: DHL & FedEx charges a volume weight fee affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight.

* Proxy Shopping item(s) cannot be added to existing orders, but they can be purchased together with others items (including CDJapan local listings) to form a new order. Please note confirmed orders containing Proxy Shopping item(s) cannot be modified or canceled.

* Please be advised that items may be sold out or fluctuate in price from the time we receive your order, to the time we actually place the order to other websites.
If the price offered at other websites turn out to be more than 1,000yen than the price originally offered at our website, we will contact you asking if you wish to proceed with the item in the new price or not.
If the new price is over your budget, you can ask to cancel the item from your order. If the price differential is below 1,000yen, we will go ahead and purchase the product; this will not be charged to you later on.

Service Features

Get'em All!

Get your exclusive, limited, rare items even after they are out of stock at CDJapan.

Order Items from Different Shops

You can order multiple items from different shops together in one order at CDJapan.

CDJ Branded Quality

Requested items upon arrival will undergo thorough inspection and then carefully packaged into durable boxes specifically made for shipping.

Service Flow

Proxy shopping service flow

1. Make a Request

You can make a proxy request for any merch available at Japanese shopping site.
For details, check the below Step-by-step Guide.
*A request for some items may be declined due to shipping restrictions and our restriction policy.

2. Your Item Will Be Listed at CDJapan

After confirming its availability & price, your item will be listed on CDJapan.
You can check the status of your requests at Proxy Shopping - Customer Account.

It usually requires 2-3 working days for us to respond.

3. Make a Purchase

Now you can purchase your items.
Visit Proxy Shopping - Customer Account to add them to your cart.

The payment occurs after this step.

Payment methods are limited to:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Alipay

For PayPal users, we will send a final payment request to your PayPal account when the amount is decided, please make the payment within 3 days of receiving the request.

For credit card users, you will receive an email requesting the final payment when the total amount is confirmed, this amount will be deducted from your account upon shipping.

* Note that you may be charged with additional international shipping fees or volume weight fees(**) afterwards if size/weight exceeds estimation.

** DHL & FedEx charges a volume weight fee affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight.

Step-by-step Guide for Making a Request

There are 3 way to make your proxy request.

[A] Make a request via a CDJapan product page

A "Proxy Shopping Request" green button will appear when an item is no longer available on CDJapan.
With that button, you can send a request for checking the availability & price for our proxy shopping service.

After receiving your request, our staff will search your item on Japanese sites.
If it's available, we will list it on CDJapan and then you can purchase it via our proxy shopping service.

Request banner sample

* A price of a proxy-shopping item depends on a shop we will purchase it from, so it could be significantly higher than its regular price, for its rarity.
Don't worry, you basically don't have an obligation to purchase what you request.

* Our proxy shopping service can't handle "backorder" items.
We regret to inform you that if there's no in-stock item available on any online shop in Japan, we will decline your request.

* If the button doesn't appear on the page, that means we've already checked the availability of the item and found out there's no stock on the Japanese Market.

[B] Make a request directly with the purchase link

If you've done your own research and have already acquired the purchase link, you can make the request without going through the search process.

You can directly access a request form via the bellow button.

Here's an example on how to fill out a request form:


[C] Use intergrated search for Yahoo! Shopping or Rakuten Shopping

Select Yahoo! Shopping or Rakuten, and you will be able taken to the respective search engine. Search for the product in mind using the search bar from the CDJapan Proxy Shopping portal, you can also filter your search results using the category bar on the top.


Click on the “Get A Quote” button in the product page.


Working Days

On days marked in red, our proxy shopping service process is closed.
(We can't respond to your proxy requests nor make a purchase for your items.)

Handling Fees

Proxy fee

Payment includes: Item Price (incl. tax) + Standard Fee (1,200yen per order) + Service Fee (300yen per proxy item) + International Shipping (an estimated amount) + Optional Service Fee (if applicable)

Service contents and fees included in this payment are as follows:

Content Price
Item Price as disclosed
Standard Fee* 1,200yen per order
Service Fee** 300yen per proxy item
Optional Services Fee*** Optional
International Shipping **** Estimated

* A 1,200yen Standard Fee will apply which covers handling fees for online purchasing, unpackaging/re-packaging, and other related fees.

** A 300yen Service Fee will apply per proxy item which covers fees for warehouse control and management.

*** Whereas usually one parcel is sufficient for one order, in case the volume of your Requested Order exceeds the capacity of the largest box we have available, the order will be split accordingly. Handling Fee, optional services fee (if applicable) and international shipping charge will apply depending on the number of packages your Requested Order entails.

**** International Shipping Charge only occurs as an estimate, the difference between the actual price will be either charged or refunded in the next transaction.

Optional Services

Optional Services are not compulsory, but in choosing these additional services will provide extra assurance and/or protection for the contents of your shipment, therefore they are highly recommended for high-value purchases.

Insurance Plan

For 500yen extra FREE

By choosing DHL, FedEx, EMS, or Registered Airmail, you ordered will be insured for any damage and or loss occurred during transit. In which case, CDJapan will refund in full (item price + shipping + other service fees occurred) or replace damaged/missing item(s) accordingly. For more details please refer to Proxy Shopping insurance terms and conditions.

Package Consolidation

For 300yen extra

Better packaging and cushioning means better protection for your prized items. We highly recommend this service for valuable items.

Double Packaging

Air cushions to better protect the contents from impact.

More protective layers to eliminate gaps inside the box.

How to Order Items from Different Shops Together

1. All you need to do is to add to your shopping cart all items you'd like to purchase together.

2. Then place your order once all of them are in your shopping cart.

3. All items will be shipped together in one package when all of them become available for shipment, regardless of whether they are sold at different shops.

* Please note that it is not impossible to add Proxy Items to any existing order or to move them from one order to another because you will be making your Initial Payment right when you place your order.
Please place orders you wish to combine in one instance.

* Maximum box size: W: 78cm x D:47cm x H:33cm

* Service not applicable for orders containing items with release dates 2 months apart, or if the combined size does not fit the largest box available.