Therefore we've decided to remove the insurance option, in replacement, depending on the shipping method of your choice* Proxy Shopping items may be automatically insured (conditions apply*). Yes! We are this confident with our the quality of packaging and customer service.

* Terms and Conditions:
  • Shipping Method Requirements: insurance policy applies ONLY to Registered Airmail & EMS
  • Updated insurance policy is in effect from┬áJuly 3rd, 2017 (Japan Standard time)
  • Inprogress orders with purchased optional Insurances service will be refunded the 500JPY optional service fee after the launch date
  • Insurance will not cover for damages caused to the packaging, and or insignificant manufacture defects such as small scratches, tears, paint residues...etc.
  • Claims needs to be directed to CDJapan customer service ( first, before processing.
  • CDJapan reserves the right to determine and define the eligibility of a claim
  • Second Hand item is not eligible for the insurance.
  • Insurance is NOT applicable to customs related taxes and fees
Now let's revise on the kind of service you will be getting by choosing to Proxy Shop with CDJapan:
  1. all Proxy packages are opened and carefully inspected item by item when they arrive at our warehouse.
  2. your item is then carefully repackaged into shock resistant wraps, then tightly fitted into a thick box specially designed for overseas delivery.
  3. Although we cannot 100% guarantee your package from inappropriate handling and mistreatment by delivery services and customs inspections, our updated policy would mean that your back is covered in the unfortunate event of damages and or missing items. In which case, A full refund or replacement of the will be offered by CDJapan.
How about it? We think our no BS policy is definitely going to give our competitors a run for their money: they may offer a slightly lower service fee for a basic service, CDJapan will go all-the-way from the get go , and that means no worries for you!

With love
CDJapan Proxy Shopping Team