Regarding the GazettE and Dir en grey
Aug 08,2008
Hey all, this week, two quick announcements.

First of all, CDJapan has been selected as the exclusive international carrier of the GazettE's new six-piece clear file set. This set was created in collaboration with Zy. Magazine and features six photos from Zy.'s recent article on the band. You can see the photos on the product information to page, but needless to say they're sexy!

Zy. Magazine has selected one domestic website and one international website to sell these files, and we're proud to announce that we're Zy.'s choice for international retail!

Also, you may have maybe, possibly, kinda-sorta, mo shikashite noticed that the 2CD + 1DVD + 1LP version of Dir en grey's "Uroboros" is back in stock. Originally this was supposed to be a limited edition release confined to only a few copies which sold out before I could even get the album up on the website on Saturday (I'm always surprised by how quick you guys are). After CDJapan and many other websites pleaded with the record label, they decided to convert it to a pre-order only item.

They'll make as many copies as we need, but we have to order by the deadline to make sure we get them. This means that if you want the ultra-limited edition of Dir en grey's new album, you need to order by August 16th in order to guarantee your spot. We'll try to order a few extra for the latecomers, but like I said, the original release sold out within hours of the initial announcement, so I wouldn't take my chances.

Aight, see you guys next week!

Regarding the GazettE and Dir en grey Comments


Dan, you got an error in typing again~
the main page where you describe about Dir part where you said this november...."urobUros", you have spelt uroboros as uroburos!ok..thats all, cant wait for the album!so will this be in the summer charts? So now Dir will dominate the charts then!Wuhuu!!
by v.v : Aug 11,2008
Thanks, fixed it. I can't believe I spelt it "Uroburos." For some reason my body wants to spell it "Uruboros," but I went through and fixed all those before posting and I've never had a problem spelling it "Uroburos." Thanks for the heads up.
by Dan : Aug 11,2008
Je,je,je. Dan with a spelling problem? OMG! Wake up! my friend.
For my curiosity, help me again with another word, O.K?: BANZAI! (what is the meaning of it?)

PS: NOBODY!!! will dominate the charts except Hikki...
by Ken007 : Aug 12,2008
Ken007> Banzai doesn't really have much meaning but it's sort of like "Congratulations" and "Good Luck." The characters mean "10,000 Years," and the direct meaning is something like "Hope you live to 10,000 years old."
by Dan : Aug 14,2008
I'm hoping I get my visa card in the mail by tomorrow, or i fear I'll be too late! I really hope you order enough extras if I am late! Hopefully, I am not.
by tolar murter : Aug 15,2008
more GazettE collectibles :D
wohooo, more stuff from the GazettE for us to collect, but i was hoping of something more in value, like a signed poster, or signed polaroid pics, or signed t-shirt, anything signed by the GazettE!! :D and hopefully its not just one or two item, maybe just 50, so it would be valuable but still available so we could queue up to purchase them :D please! please! please :D
by tan.panama : Aug 19,2008