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May 2005
Animex Releases!

The Animex 1300 series, the fifth wave of classic & rare anime/super sentai CD reissues from Columbia Japan Music, came out last month. The difference from the previous Animex 1200 series is that the 1300 albums are not BGM score albums, but song collections! Of course, familiar & popular artists are featured as composer or arranger once again.

All songs from, "Tiger Mask II" and "Attack! Getter Robo" are by Shunsuke Kikushi of "UFO Robot Grandizer" and Gamera fame. "Bokura no Mazinger Z" is scored by Chumei (Michiaki) Watanabe and features vocalist Mizuki Ichiro.

The best-selling title of the 1300 series is "Aishite Night Hit Songs Yakko, I Love You," arranged by Joe Hisaishi, who is world famous with Hayao Miazaki / Ghibli anime and Takeshi Kitano films. Moreover, Kohei Tanaka (of "Sakura Wars" fame) composed and arranged one song, "Junpaku no June Bride" featuring Mitsuko Horie on the album.

If you want to know more about the animex series, check the following page: Collector's Den. Don't forget the upcoming animex releases on June 22, including "Tenshi ni Narumon! - Original Soundtrack Pururun!" and "Ultraman Powered Music Collection / Sound Daihaykka," the series that was filmed in America.