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February 2014
Hidamari no Kanojo (Girl In The Sunny Place)

Hidamari no Kanojo Jun Matsumoto Arashi Girl In The Sunny Place DVD Blu-ray

A romance film starring Jun Matsumoto (Arashi) and Juri Ueno, "Hidamari no Kanojo (Girl In The Sunny Place)" comes out on DVD and Blu-ray for pre-order. Memorial editions come with a bonus disc, a deluxe booklet, a postcard set, and a mini clear folder.

Plot: A new salesman, Kosuke happens to meet Mao, a friend from his middle school days for the first time in 10 years. Back then, Mao was bullied. Kosuke helped her and that made them fall in love. But now she is an attractive and cheerful woman. Kosuke falls in love with her again, however Mao has a secret...