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February 2014
"Gatchaman" out on March 5th!

Gatchaman DVD Blu-ray

A live action film based on a popular Tatsunoko anime, "Gatchaman" starring Tori Matsuzaka, Gou Ayano, Ayame Gouriki and more is out on DVD and Blu-ray on March 5, 2014. Its battle scenes with VFX by SHIROGUMI are must-watch! DVD & Blu-ray come with a booklet and a bonus DVD featuring making-of, event footage, trailer, and TV spot.

Plot: Set in the near future in Tokyo, Japan. The evil terrorist organization, Galactor has declared war on the world. They possess more advanced technology than governments and occupy over half of the planet for just 17 days. Then human gathers five special agents, known as Gatchaman, to stop Galactor.