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Our Service

CDJapan is now accepting special requests for products that are not available on our site, but available at other online shops in Japan. We will list the item you request at CDJapan, and after confirming your order, we will purchase it for you. You can request up to 10 different products at the same time.

Of course you can combine your special product with normal products already listed on our online shop!

Payment Methods

We accept Credit Card/Debit Card and PayPal. We do not accept International Postal Money Order, Cash (Japanese Yen or US Dollars).

Available Shipping Method

We basically accept EMS which offers tracking service. Please see here to check if EMS is available in your country. We accept Registered Air Mail if product fit to the limit (Max size:90cm of box 3 sides).

Steps to Place Your Special Request

  1. Send Details by Request Form

    Use "Request Form" to send us a URL of a page selling the product you'd like to purchase (other than CDJapan) as well as details about the product (such as product name, product ID, color, size, quantity, et al.). Detailed information about the product would be greatly appreciated so that we can find the items you want without making a mistake.

    Please note that it will be possible for us to process your special request only if you provide us with the URL of the item where they are available.

  2. CDJapan Lists the Products

    We will visit the site specified in your request and after finding out the total amount, we will list it on our site. Then an email will be send you the links to them on our site. It will take about a week for us to process it.

  3. Place Order

    Place your order on CDJapan as your normally do. After the payment is completed, we will actually go buy the products for you and send them as we normally send our orders.


We won't be able to accept cancellation and refund won't be possible after a special request order is finalized.

Request Form

Service Fees

Our service fee for a special request is determined by the total of the prices of products in included in your request.

Total Product PricesService Fee
0 - 4,999yen1,500yen
5,000yen - 9,999yen2,000yen
10,000yen and more20% of product cost

  • Product Price:

    The price of the products at the online shop you specify.

  • Domestic Shipping Charge:

    Domestic shipping charge is the shipping charge the shop bills us for sending the product to our warehouse. The shop sometimes offer free shipping charge.
  • CDJapan Service Fee:

    Fee we charge you for processing your request. It will be determined based on the product price

  • EMS / Registered Air Mail Shipping Charge:

    The regular CDJapan EMS / Registered Air Mail rates apply for getting your special request sent to you.

Request Form

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