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Ocharaku: Ultimate Headphones for Audiophile

Ocharaku is a Tokyo-based headphone company founded by Makoto Yamagishi, a legendary Sony engineer who developed essential technologies for their headphones/speakers. At Ocharaku, he has dedicated himself to the pursuit of making the finest headphones - a truly crafted listening experience achieved only through the original technologies developed by Ocharaku.

Flagship Product: Flat4-KEYAKI/AKAKEYAKI Plus

ocharaku keyaki feature Fusion of Ocharaku's Audio Technology & Japanese Wooden Craftsmanship: Flat4-KEYAKI/AKAKEYAKI Plus

This is one of the highest-grade canal type headphones produced by Ocharaku, and is a collaborative product between Ocharaku and OAK VILLAGE - a woodcrafts company based in the forests of Takayama, Japan. It produces a crystal clear sound like no other in . .


Ocharaku Reviews from Audiophiles All Over The World

Ocharaku Reviews from Audiophiles All Over The World Up to this time, Ocharaku's products have been highly-acclaimed not only from people in Japan but also audiophiles all over the world.

We have compiled links to great reviews/comments on Ocharaku products from them to help your further understanding about Ocharaku.


Story of Makoto Yamagishi & Ocharaku

Makoto Yamagishi The story goes back to 1982, when Sony is on its way to become a cultural phenomenon with their new portable music player - the "Walkman".

During which time, an upcoming engineer would develop a pivotal piece of earphone technology that greatly contributed to the success of the Walkman in his second year with . . .


Ocharaku Buying Guide

Ocharaku Frequently Asked Questions Does the product warranty apply to my order? Does Ocharaku has high quality but affordable models? Are there any shipping restrictions? What's the difference between the Flat4 series' types?

We've compiled answers to them all in one place in FAQ style.


[Application Ended] Try Out Ocharaku Headphones For Free

Try Out Ocharaku Headphones For Free in Your Room Would you like to try out a high-end Japan-made headphone in the comforts of your room for free? CDJapan is now offering this opportunity with sample headphones provided by Ocharaku.

We are offering a couple of Ocharaku flagship headphones to 3 selected applicants for a trial period of 2 weeks. Read on to find out how to participate this project.


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