Q. Does the product warranty apply to international orders?

Yes. Ocharaku's warranty applies to orders placed at CDJapan.

For international orders, Ocharaku provides us with a longer warranty than it does domestically.

The warranty is 14 months,
and the warranty starts from the day you place the order. You can confirm the validity of your warranty at your account page.

No additional costs and registrations are needed. However, you are required to cover shipping fee. *Except for the initial failure.

Before you send a product for repair, please make an inquiry to our support team first.

CDJapan Support: info@cdjapan.co.jp

Q. Does Ocharaku has high quality but affordable models?

Yes. They have two models that will meet your demand.

"SUI Plus" is the most affordable type of their Flat4 series. Major difference from its highest grade is materials used on cabinet parts.
"Donguri-KEYAKI" is the only product among our lineup that utilizes Tornado Equalizer
as Acoustic System. Also, it uses Japanese zelkova - a wooden material with the highest speed of sound in its category - on its rear cabinet, and it contributes to its impressive appearance.

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Q. Are there any shipping restrictions?

Yes. At this point, Ocharaku products cannot be shipped to the following country due to a restriction set by the manufacturer: China.

Ocharaku Now Available for Shipping to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia

As of December 1st 2017, all Ocharaku headphones purchased at CDJapan becomes available for shipping to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia, which could not be shipped from Japan.

Q. I want to ask about Ocharaku products with the maker . . . Can I?

Yes. We translate your inquiry and send it to Makoto Yamagishi, founder of Ocharaku, on behalf of you.
When he replies back to us, we translate the reply and send back to you.
*If we receive a lot of inquiries, it may take long time to reply.

Send your inquiry to CDJapan Support: info@cdjapan.co.jp

Q. What are the differences between the "Flat4" series' color codes and typing?

Most Flat4 series products have two to four distinguished variations. Product labels and color codes reflect upon these:

Balance vs Plus

As for plug, the "Balance" type has a "4.4mm Balanced Plug" while the "Plus" type utilizes a "3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug".



Black vs Red

You may notice that some products have similar names but with or without the prefixes: "KURO" and "AKA". This is also reflected through the color coding on the "Phase Correction Tube" shown as under:

Flat4-KEYAKI Plus *No prefix but practically "KURO"
Flat4-"AKA"KEYAKI Plus

Flat4-"KURO" Ti Plus
Flat4-"AKA" Ti Plus

In Japanese, KURO means black, AKA means red, and they are of course color coded in accordance to the prefixes in their respective label. Fundamentally, specs are the same.
However, the effective length of the ear canal is set different as represented by the color codes.

Phase Correction Tube Color Sample

If the color of the phase correction is black. The effective length of the ear canal is set for the standard length.

If the color of the phase correction is red. The effective length of the ear canal is set for longer than its counterpart.

Sound quality will be better if the effective length is set closer to your ear canal length.



Q. What is the effective length of the ear canal?

The length of the ear canal is generally referred to as 25 to 30mm, and you can say that the length set for the black tube is relatively appropriate for more people than that of its counterpart.

Sound quality will be better if the effective length is set closer to your ear canal length, and as shown above, Ocharaku offers two types of the same product depending on the length of the ear canal.

References on the ear canal length 

The Human Ear Canal – V (Hearinghealthmatters.org)
Ear canal (Wikipedia)

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