Twin Equalized Element System

Twin Equalized Element System, one of Ocharaku's patented technologies, realizes the wide frequency range, especially delivering the bass deeper than conventional closed dynamic headphones, as well as the spread of sound just like open-air ones.

Along with that, it dramatically proves two problems conventional canal headphones have: characteristically high-intensity noisy sound and masking effect in certain specific high-tone range both mainly caused by the closed tube resonance of the ear canal.

Followings are the details of how Twin Equalized Element System works.  

1st effect

Placement of two elements ("Twin Element") opposed to each other cancels mechanical vibration due to the reaction of the vibration system. It realizes deeper bass tones than that of conventional closed types.

2nd effect

In low and mid range tones, a parallel drive of the twin element enhances sound pressure sensitivity.

3rd effect

The phase correction tube suppresses the closed-ear canal resonance and eliminates the masking effects, dramatically improving sounding in mid- and high-tone range.

4th effect

By eliminating acoustic resistors and applying small elements, it dramatically improves ultra-high-tone range. Also it realizes the spread of sound like open-air types.

Twin Equalised Element System Applied to the Following Products

Tornado Equalizer Circuit

When an ordinary canal type earphones is inserted, the sound pressure level at around 6 kHz is enhanced by the closed tube resonance of the ear canal, which may cause discomfort and disturb the listening experience.
To suppress it, many conventional canal type earphones apply acoustic resistors.

As a result, although the peak pressure around 6 kHz is suppressed, the less prominent but essential mid-high range acoustic pressure at around and over 10 kHz is also greatly attenuated, hence post-equalizing is required to some extent.

The Tornado Equalizer Circuit is invented to provide a holistic and natural listening experience by reducing the peak pressure levels and preventing the loss in sound quality at the same time. This is achieved through replacing the acoustic resistors with a unique hollow spiral filter - the part located at the sound propagation paths with opposite phases bypassing the sound waves, this will effectively cancel out the conspicuous peak at 6kHz while retaining a leveled acoustic pressure at mid-high frequency range.


Introducing Tornado Equalizer Circuit

Tornado Equalizer Circuit Applied to the Following Products

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