They devoted a numerous amount of time selecting the best materials to achieve the goal, and after countless comparisons and tests, it resulted into a piece of art that will satisfy you both musically and visually. Just like the other Ocharaku lineup, the product will come with the exclusive 14-month warranty for your purchase at CDJapan.


Donguri-KAEDE is the third model from their popular donguri series, and the same with its previous model, this is a collaborative product between Ocharaku and OAK VILLAGE - a woodcrafts company based in the forests of Takayama, Japan. Each rear cabinet is specially selected and handcrafted by master craftsmen from OAK VILLAGE.

To realize the highest quality, Makoto Yamagishi, the head engineer of Ocharaku, paid much attention to its details, especially on three points: Finishing Method, Wood Material on Rear Cabinet, and Material for Tornado Equalizer.

3 Method/Materials Selected After Countless Comparisons & Tests

Finishing Method: Japanese Traditional "Fuki Urushi" Lacquering

Left to Right: Oil Finishing, Lacquering, "Fuki Urushi" Lacquering (applied to Donguri-KAEDE)

On the first hand, using a cabinet made of Japanese zelkova as sample, they repeatedly compared finishing methods and decided which one is the most contributing to the sound quality. And "Fuki Urushi" method is applied to Donguri-KAEDE.

"Fuki Urushi" means wipe ("Fuki") the lacquer ("Urushi"). In this method, a wooden body is painted with raw lacquer and wiped off with sandpaper many times quickly by the hand. In this process, they added iron powder to the raw lacquer to convey the sound better.

The black color is produced by adding iron powder, which produces a chemical reaction with the urushiol (an organic compound contained in urushi), turning the urushi to a deep black color.

Ocharaku did not select this black cabinet just for its stylish appearance. It is also a reasonable answer to reach the highest.

Wood Material on Rear Cabinet: Solid Maple

Left to Right: Oak, Japanese zelkova, Maple (applied to Donguri-KAEDE)

Same with the reason above, they also continued trial and error on a wood material to choose the best as a rear cabinet. And after listening to samples over and over, they finally selected solid maple, which resonates soft and comfortable better than other counterparts.

Material for Tornado Equalizer: LCP (Liquid-crystal polymer / applied to Donguri-KAEDE)

Left: Polypropylene / Right: LCP (Liquid-crystal polymer)

Ocharaku is well known for one of their patented technology, Tornado Equalizer. As the material of Tornado Equalizer, up to this time, they used polypropylene. This time, they decided to apply LCP (Liquid-crystal polymer), which is superior in the acoustical property, and made a large improvement on subtle expression of the sound.

Two Plug Types

Furthermore, they made two plug types of Donguri-KAEDE. One is 3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug type (product number: NEOGDS-255295) and the other is 4.4mm 5-pole Gold Plated Non-oxidized Copper Balanced Plug type (product number: NEOGDS-255296).

If you have a device compatible with 4.4mm balanced jack such as SONY's hi-res portable walkman NW-ZX300, please try. You'll experience a whole new world.

Donguri-KAEDE (3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug Type)

Donguri-KAEDE (4.4mm 5-pole Gold Plated Non-oxidized Copper Balanced Plug Type)


Cabinet Front: Pure titanium
Rear: Solid Maple with "Fuki Urushi" (wiped lacquer) finishing
Element 010e005 10mm Dynamic Type
Acoustic System Tornado Equalizer (Closed Type) applying LCP (Liquid-crystal polymer)
Sound Pressure Level 106 dBSPL/mW
Frequency 5Hz-40kHz (High-resolution compatible)
Maximum Input 200mW
Impedance 18 Ohms
Weight 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug Type: 19g (approx.)
4.4mm Balanced Plug Type: 23g (approx.)
Cable 1.2m (Y type) Quadruple Conductor Cable
Plug 3.5mm Gold Plated Stereo Mini Plug (NEOGDS-255295)
4.4mm 5-pole Gold Plated Non-oxidized Copper Balanced Plug (NEOGDS-255296)


  • SpinFit Ear Tip x 3 (Size: S, M, L / M is attached to the main unit)
  • Comply Ts-200 Ear Tip (Size: M)
  • Wooden Tray for housing
  • Instruction Manual / Warranty Card
  • L type Cable Adapter *Incl. 3.5mm Stereo Mini Plug Type ONLY


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