Sometimes, packages are returned to us by post office as undeliverable. This means either the shipping address was incorrect, attempts by the local post office/courier to deliver the package failed, the package was unclaimed, or the recipient refused to complete the due payment of customs charges.

We will not charge you the return postage or any extra fee, but we will be able to reimburse you by crediting your customer account with Rewards Points equivalent in value to the total price of items returned. This is because partial refund is not possible for Debit Card / Credit Card payment. This also applies in case the payment method is International Postal Money Order or Cash. However, in case of PayPal, we will issue a refund for the total price of items.

Items that have been returned to us as undeliverable will be restocked immediately, and we are not able to ship them again. If you would still like to purchase the items, please place your order online again.

Missing Packages

Insurance is offered for shipping methods listed below. If packages sent by these shipping methods are not delivered within the indicated period of time, we will be happy to offer a replacement or a refund after formally requesting the postal service or courier to initiate an investigation.

Shipping Method Maximum Delivery Period
FedEx 1 month
EMS 1 month
Registered Air Mail 2 months
Registered SAL 3 months
SAL Parcel Post 3 months
  • As for regular Air Mail and SAL that are not registered, no insurance is offered. Also, it will not be possible to track packages after shipment. So, we do not actively recommend them, unless you are willing to accept the risk. Registered Air Mail and Registered SAL (not offered in some countries) are available with a small fee of only 410 JPY.

Important Notes About FedEx and DHL

In order to speed up the customs clearance, FedEx and DHL normally pay the customs fees upfront on your behalf, and then collect it from you when they deliver your package. If you refuse to accept the delivery of your order for any reason, they are not able to get reimbursed from your government for the amount they paid upfront, and these fees will be billed on us, along with the return postage. If that happens, the amount we will be able to reimburse you is: Item Price Subtotal - Customs Fees - Return Postage. Make sure to read about Customs Duties and Import VAT for details.

Proxy Items

If your order contains any Proxy Item, the only available option is to resend the item. This is because it will not be possible to return the item to the online shop you requested us to order it from. Please note that in case of resend, it will be necessary for us to bill you for the postage.