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March 2009
Versailles DVD and Major-label Debut Single

Versailles major debut single

Versailles will release thier major-label debut single "ASCENDEAD MASTER" on June 24, 2009!

Versailles was formed in March, 2007. Soon after they released promotional material on the Web, they received international media coverage and request to perform in the live stage. In 2008, they toured Europe and gave fantastic shows in five countries. Then, during their concert on March 26 of this year, they announced that they will be going to major this summer.

The single "ASCENDEAD MASTER" features 6 minutes A-side track. Limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring a music video spanning over 15 minutes. This epic music video is to going to come in three installments on the bonus DVD included with the limited editions Type A, Type B, and Type C, each of them including one installment of the movie.

Also make sure to check out the DVD "History Of The Other Side" and live DVD "Chateau De Versailles" coming out on May 20, 2009! "History Of The Other Side" features nine selected performance footage from their concert, music video for "The Revenant Choir" and "Shout & Bite," behind-the-scene, member interview, and more bonus video footage. "Chateau De Versailles" features footage from their concert on December 23, 2008 at CC Lemon Hall.