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June 2005
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Based on the mega-hit game series, Final Fantasy VII. Originally released in January of 1997, FFVII has sold 9,580,000 copies. Now owner of the most firmly rooted fan-base of any work in the Final Fantasy series, "Final Fantasy VII" comes to life again in this new high-quality CG film sequel. The only way to see the continuation of the story is through this one DVD!

Why did Aeris die? This one scene in the Playstation game FFVII has been the most talk about event amongst fans on the internet. Now, the only way to see the continuation of that story is not through a game, but only through this one DVD.

The Venice Film Festival is one of the world's top three film festivals, and this year created a special digital film branch, Venezia Digitale. The presentation of "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" at the Venice Film Festival was brought about by a special invitation from the festival itself.

You can check out the story and all pictures of bonus features of the dexlue boxed set "Advent Pieces [Limited Edition]" in our feature page. Also the check out popular music albums in the Final Fantasy series.