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December 2004
Alchemy in Music - Fullmetal Alchemist

This may be the first anime series to have simultaneous popularity on both sides of the Pacific. Stores in Japan were bursting with spin-off merchandise, from hand made figures to clear pocket folders. Between the DVD release and the video game, American fans have been rallying around this program even before it premiered in November 2004 on the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim."

Beautifully designed locales, well-written stories, all these elements are unified by a
fabulous score composed by one of Japan's leading composers, Michiru Oshima. For the dark side of this art, Oshima uses electronic sound clusters to create a disturbing atmosphere, a 180 degree turn from her more heart-tugging motifs. TV-Sized opening and closing themes are included by Porno Graffiti and Nana Kitade. Oddly, the opening theme is not the one used to open the Cartoon Network broadcast.

Picking up where the last album left off, Michiru Oshima returns with more extravagantly emotional tunes for the second half of the series, all leading up to its thrilling conclusion. If you think you've heard it all on the first album, you'll miss some of the series' most exciting musical moments. Will Edward ever control his temper? Will Alphonse ever get out of that suit or armor? Now what fun would that be? Includes songs by L'Arc En Ciel and Yellow Generation.