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July 2009
CDJapan Goes to France! 4- Japan Expo 2009 from July 2nd to 5th

Japan Expo 2009 at Paris, France
Everybody gather around! CDJapan will participate Japan Expo 2009, the biggest event in relation to Japanese anime, manga, video-games and cultures in Europe! It takes place in Paris (France) during 4 days (July 2nd to 5th). We will bring hundreds of CD/DVD (J-Pop, Visual Kei, Anime, etc.), figures, goods, gothic clothes and traditional Japanese items (Yukata, Green Tea etc) there!

Along with the Japan Expo, we will launch a sale to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event! See our various sale items featuring artists such as AKB48, Aoi, PUFFY, vistlip, school food punishment, and more. Make sure to check them out!
This summer will be the greatest season for many fans of Japanese culture. We will give you an update as soon as we receive news from our staff in Paris. Stay tuned!

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(Includes "K-On!" series!)

- Hot Report From Our Staff! -

Fourth day, CDJapan booth was full with people, similar to the day before.

The followings are the events in Japan Expo.

Pic.1: The event of anime "Naruto"
Pic.2: The event of musical version of "The Prince of Tennis"
Pic.3: The autograph session of Kawaii Taishi.
Pic.4: Can you guess who they are cosplaying as?
(staff: Lara Croft of Tomb Raider? LOL)



So many CDJapan customers came to visit our booth during the event! We were really excited to see them! Hope to see you again. Thank you all!


Thanks at all the staff of CDjapan's stand and a great thanks at Jeremy for his amiability and his availability and also at the 2 japaneses (I don't know their name, I don't dare to ask :$) who we have very well welcome :)

Merci a vous tous !! =)
at next year ;)

Posted by Kevin Jul 07,2009
Je suis une des Lara de la dernière image, serait il possible d'avoir la photo en grand?
En revanche, je ne comprend pas trop les remarques concernant nos costumes..
Posted by Julie Jul 07,2009
Unfortunately I was only able to drop by the CDJapan booth on the last day, when my very much desired flumpool CDs were already sold out T__T But the two staff members I talked to there were extremely nice and very helpful.
I hope CDJapan was able to make good business @Japan-Expo, and will consider participating in more of such events; namely, since I'm Italian, Lucca's Comics and Games (Italy's biggest and most important anime & manga/comics convention).

A big thank you to all the staff @CDJapan ^__^
Posted by suketeru Jul 08,2009
salut julie
y'a pas vraiment de remarque, en faite il dise en question, en quoi vous pouviez etre costume ^^
et le staff a repondu, en lara croft en mettant un "lol" comme si ce n'˝Ňait pas evident sur la photo XD(cosplay tr˝ď bien r˝Íssi) voila voila
j'espere que je t'ai repondu :)
sinon tu etait laquelle des lara croft toi ?? lool
Posted by kevin Jul 08,2009
Je suis celle tout à gauche ; )
Posted by Julie Jul 18,2009