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September 2008
Dir en grey - Uroboros

Dir en grey - Uroboros

This November Dir en grey return with their new full-length album " Uroboros." Available in three varieties, the largest version of the set featuring two CDs, one bonus DVD, and two LPs is an extremely limited release available.

Dir en grey's new album "Uroboros" draws it's name from the cyclical serpent--the mystical symbol of a snake consuming its own tale. What better image is there for a band that frequently consumes itself in order to make a more powerful, perfect, whole? Like the Uroboros of legend, Dir en grey's new album marks a sort of return for the band, revisiting the pre-"Withering to Death" era with what is scheduled to be the band's most diverse, brooding, and creative release yet. Non-screaming vocals are set to take on a stronger part in the compositions--competing with new intruments like mandolins. Thematically "Uroboros" considers topics of guilt and reincarnation.

"Uroboros" comes out November 12, 2008 with thirteen new tracks including singles "Dozing Green," Glass Skin," and live hit "Third time does the trick." Preorder the ultra limited edition to receive the thirteen track album, bonus CD with unplugged recordings and songs from the band's international-only releases, bonus DVD with recording footage, and two LPs holding the album proper. There is also a two-CD limited edition with the album proper and acoustic/rarities bonus disc, as well as the regular edition featuring just the main 13 tracks. Preorder now!