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July 2008
Versailles - Debut Album Release


The descendants of the rose have returned to enchant you! Following the mega hit mini-album "Lyrical Sympathy," Versailles have now releaseed their debut full-length album "Noble."

Versailles is a new band formed in March 2007 by former LAREINE vocalist KAMIJO, SULFURIC ACID guitarist HIZAKI, and Hizaki grace project bassist Jasmine You. Later joined by former Aikaryu guitarist TERU and former Sugar Trip drummer YUKI, Versailles quickly began an aesthetic revolution in the visual rock scene thanks to their blend of classic metal and visual rock influences. Achieving international hit status through their mini-album and DVD, in November they launched their first concert tour of Japan. From there the band began performing concerts in five European countries including Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, and Spain. This May Versailles performed at X Japan member hide's memorial concert before setting off for various one-man live shows in Shibuya, and the anime event "A-Kon" in the United States.

The new album "Noble" includes a new take on break-through hit "The Revenant Choir," limited edition single "A Noble was Born in Chaos," and more for a full vampires' chronicle. This limited edition release includes bonus DVD with music video.


no entiendo mucho pero creo que tienen ellementos buenos. deberian de agregar traducciones ya que los latinos no sabemos mucho Ingles
Posted by jaqueline May 10,2008
Eso si es verdad pero hay algunas cozas que si entendemos los latinos poe que la sabemos,,,,
Tv @ng3l
Posted by MARIANNELYS Jun 07,2008