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March 2008
Miyavi - This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock

Miyavi - This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock

Welcome to the final stage of Neo Visualizm, with a brand-new full-length album and two new upcoming concert DVDs from Mr. Visual kei himself, Miyavi! Miyavi's first full-length album in over a year, titled "Miyavi - This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock," is out now!

This time around gigpig and the Kavki boys return for another adventure in Miyavi's recent "Neo Visualizm" style. "Miyavi - This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock" features Miyavi's most recent singles "Sakihokoru Hana no Yo ni - Neo Visualizm," "Subarashiki ka na- What a Wonderful World," Miyavi's collaboration with S.K.I.N. cohort SUGIZO "Hi no Hikari sae Todokanai Kono Basho de," and more for 11 tracks total. Miyavi's new album "Miyavi - This iz The Japanese Kabuki Rock" is available in two varieties. Order the regular edition to receive just the album proper, or the limited edition to receive the main album in the new, high-quality SHM-CD format (compatible with the standard CD format, details here) and a bonus DVD with special footage.

Miyavi also has two new concert DVDs coming May 7. Pick up "The Beginning of Neo Visualizm Tour 2007" to see footage of Miyavi's one-night-only Christmas concert at the C.C. Lemon Hall as well as backsage footage. If you order while the "First Press Available" button is displayed on the product information page, you'll also receive the first press-only bonus poster! Preorders are also availabe for DVD "Official Bootleg Live at Shinkiba Coast" featuring footage from Miyavi's September 2007 tour finale at Shinkiba Coast. Order Miyavi's new album and upcoming concert DVDs now!


Wow, that looks like some Anime kid holding a guitar instead of a sword.

Posted by Eric Feb 27,2008
Wooo for his us tour ;D
Posted by Netter Mar 21,2008
So what does everyone who's heard the whole album think? I've read a lot of mixed reviews.. I personally like it overall but a lot of people say it sounded "improvised", like as if they jammed together alittle then went, "Ah! This shall be our new album! :D"
Posted by ~C Mar 31,2008