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December 2007
Dir en grey - Decade

Dir en grey - Decade

Just listening to one track off of Dir en grey's most recent album "The Marrow of a Bone" leaves one with the impression that something this creative, violent, and fearless can't possibly exist in this world for long. The truth is that nothing could be farther from the truth--this week Dir en grey commemorate their tenth anniversary with two century-spanning, digitally remastered greatest hits albums, "Decade 1998-2002" and "Decade 2003-2007."

First, "Decade 1998-2002" covers the early years of the band as they break away from the late 90's visual kei scene into darker territory. This double-disc release includes classics like the band's debut release "Akuro no Oka," the piano arranged version of the single "Jealous -reverse-," and "Child Prey" for a total of 21 tracks. The "Decade 2003-2007" release picks up at the time when Dir en grey first began treading across the international scene. Newer fans of the band will recognize classics like "The Final," "dead tree," "saku," "Clever Sleazoid" and more right up through "The Marrow of a Bone" lead-in track "Conceived Sorrow" for 18 tracks total.

All songs on Dir en grey's new greatest hits albums "Decade 1998-2002" and "Decade 2003-2007" feature digital remastering, which means that songs from the band's indies era will be receiving a significant upgrade. Both albums were released in limited edition December 19, 2007. Order now before supplies run out!