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October 2007
Versailles - Lyrical Sympathy


Hey you, stop listening to "The Revenant Choir" for a second and order Versailles upcoming seven-song album "Lyrical Sympathy" out Halloween 2007!

Versailles represents a supergroup of visual kei talent. In March of this year former SULFURIC ACID member and wizkid guitarist HIZAKI met with former LAREINE vocalist KAMIJO and Jakura/Hizaki grace project bassist Jasmine You to work out the details of the band. Later joining up with former Aikaryu guitarist TERU and former Sugar Trip drummer YUKI on the recommendation of concert venue Rock May Kan (Rokumeikan), Versailles set to work to realize their twin goals of beauty and extremism.

. . . And it appears they succeeded! The Versailles sound is defined by twin guitarists HIZAKI and TERU's aggressively deft neo-classical metal riffs, double bass drumming, and an extremely baroque visual look.

With the band's debut single "The Revenant Choir" winning fans over daily and band members themselves expressing their disbelief after hearing the album for the first time after completing recording, it seems the whole world is waiting tentatively for the arrival of "Lyrical Sympathy." The wait is about to come to an end--Versailles new album comes out October 31, 2007. Be sure to also check out Versailles' upcoming live DVDs featuring bonus custom band member perfumes!